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  1. The GTX 960 is really good. And yeah, he's right, the CPU is likely to be more of a bottleneck than the GPU at that point.
  2. johnman

    Dying Light?

    It's fun but I'm playing with really low graphics settings on my ideapad and I really want to play with higher settings. Overclocking didn't help me much with this game even though I've had huge improvements with other games like League. Although for league I keep it on the lowest settings because I don't pay attention to the graphics for that game.
  3. If I can frame limit I will. I feel like it is a waste of resources to let games run unlimited if it will run just fine on lower frame rates.
  4. Funny, that is the opposite for me. OBS is constantly crashing on me.
  5. Even without graphics supports it still lags far less than using VMware. Though I have a different ideapad.
  6. Watchmen but that was years ago.
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