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  1. just to update everyone I was able to use nvflash to flash the bios and I was also able the flash my gt 60 onc with a bios provided by msi website for windows 8 non raid to try and see if it would fix a problem I ran into about the graphics having shuttering lines through it when I look around in first person games I am thinking of trying another biosforright now can anyone point me the direction of a laptop bios that worked great for you all
  2. Ok so I was able to follow the nvflash steps to get my vbios to update and now my computer recognize the 770m graphic card but now when I play certain games for instant first person while looking around I see lines moving throughout the graphics of the game sometimes it slightly noticeable and others time very do I need to flash my laptop bios to fix it? I have the msi 60 onc version non raid? also which os do you recommend I have 8.1 now but was thinking win 7 would be easier?
  3. Hello everyone im still new to the process of flashing everything but was able to get my Msi running windows 8.1 and wanted to know how I could flash the vbios or could i get by with just a modified inf the nvidia driver will not install at all under the driver software. I basically wanted to know the software and steps needed for the vbios process any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  4. what program did you use to flash vbios i also have a clevo 770m that i wanted flash to msi 770m i didnt know the steps to flash vbios??
  5. hello i saw a seller from france that had one on ebay? lenovo y510p fan | eBay
  6. Hello im new to this what steps did you take to flash your bios and gpu bios i currently have a CLEVO 770m and needed it to be msi 770m so i went to Video Bios Collection | techPowerUp and grabbed mine and i also obtained the latest nvflasher and my bios for win 7 and one for win 8 64bit just in case. I tried installing the gpu at first but just as yours my picture was all distorted so now after much research i gathers these files and needed a bit of step by step to help me out some! thanks any help is much needed! and appreciated My device is a msi gt60 0nc 670m just as yours
  7. i see this post is very old is there a way to flash my clevo 770m after unlocking my bios or do i need to do this first
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