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  1. Disable starting items is one way to reduce. Another way is get a solid state drive,it will make boot time get in to 20s. And, careful with choose anti-virus software,I personal recommend to use Avast or Bitdenfer. Oh, by the way, don't install more than one anti-virus software,if do so sometime they might cause conflict, and make boot time up to 1~2 mintues.
  2. If you already had reinstall your OS, probably the touchpad is broken.
  3. Yep,the original Alienware backpack quality is so poor,I bought three of Alienware backpack(because only this backpack can load with M18x), but they all fractured now.
  4. The page tells: .Article Not Found The chosen document is not currently available. Please try again later. ...
  5. A pretty nice game, but just got the "hair" BUG with NVIDIA card,waiting for new driver to fix it.LOL
  6. Well, just got a bad new for all M18x-R2 user: A08/A09/A10 BIOS is unstable. Blc if you try to swich the video cards from discrete graphics to Intel HD graphics,it will give 8 sounds alarm when reboot.(which is the reboot after you press Fn+F7) If you got situation like that, the only thing you can do is take out the battery on the motherboard. So, what mine suggestions is degradation your BIOS to A03.
  7. Looks like its SLI or HDMI Cable's problem. Try change the HDMI cable first, if it still doesn't work, try re-pulg the SLI cable or get a new one.
  8. Intel® Ultimate N WiFi Link 6300 actually is not support perfectly on M18x.Try to use Killer 1103 Network or Intel Wireless N 2230.
  9. I personal believe three fans already enough for M18x, it's not necessary to upgrade liquid cooling, just get some better silicone grease, such as ICD7 or MX4.
  10. That's a BUG of M18x-R2, there is no way to fix now. But I guess if someone can fix the BIOS,the problem also will fixed.
  11. new design is ugly,that's all I can say
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