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  1. trollmaster182

    Fair price on an M11x R1

    hi, i would say with the broken hinge its probably worth High $300 to Low $200 if you fix the hinge and depending on the condition (how scuffed dented etc) it could be worth up to $450.
  2. trollmaster182

    Alienware M15X project computer

    Alright, well that's good to hear. I didn't have stealth mode on, but ever since I flashed the vbios I haven't had a problem with it. I'm surprised at how cool it's running now aswell. It seem to run stable (no blue screens or other issues/errors). So I'm gonna call it good, thanks for all your help.
  3. trollmaster182

    Alienware M15X project computer

    I haven't heard of stealth mode, by the name I'm guessing it favors battery life over performance and underclocks everything? I'll look into it tonight but when I tested it last night it was running really good and ran every game I had downloaded at max settings. I see you have two m15x's are there any common problems I should look out for? Should I upgrade the cpu? Thanks for your reply.
  4. trollmaster182

    OFFICIAL: Alienware M11x-R2 Owners Lounge

    heres my little R2, shes in great shape i bring her to work and use her alot when i am traveling. heres some pictures, you can see the specs in my signature.
  5. trollmaster182

    Alienware 17 880M upgrade to 970M

    i had issues getting drivers when i was installing an aftermarket card in my M15X. nvidia drivers would not install and i couldnt find any aftermarket ones, i just used Drivermax and surprisingly it found a working driver right away. hope this helps - - - Updated - - - and let me know if your gonna sell an 880m, i could use an upgrade from my 860m.
  6. trollmaster182

    Who has an M11x?

    i have an r2 im kinda mad that Alienware discontinued the m11x. i mostly use mine at work and travel because its a lot more portable than either of my other laptops. anyways,,, heres some pictures you can see the specs in my signature.
  7. trollmaster182

    Alienware M15X project computer

    i found a guide on installing the gtx 470m and i was able to flash the vbios to get the card running at its full capacity. here are some pictures of the laptop
  8. trollmaster182

    Alienware M15X project computer

    hey guys, new to the forums here. so yesterday i traded my Xbox one (i actually bought it for 99 cents last year) for a co workers Alienware m15x, its got the core i7 820qm, 8gb ram, no hard drive (i threw a 500gb sshd in and imaged it) it had a gt 240m (i put a gtx 470m in it). the laptop is kinda beat up and will need a new bottom (like $15 on eBay) but i got the gtx 470m and the laptop for my xbox one so i dont think it was a bad deal. i installed the gtx 470m yesterday and it wasnt taking the card so i created a DOS bootable thumb drive and upgraded the bios. And presto she fired right up. i couldnt find the drivers for the card anywhere and the nvidia ones wouldnt work, so i used one of those driver utilities to find the drivers (the program seemed sketchy but it worked). so now i have the right drivers and everything however the card is running really slow, 50mhz clock speed, 135mhz memory clock. so thats where im at, im currently moving so i will wait on ordering the parts but i plan to get all new casing and a new keyboard. i tried msi afterburner and i cant adjust the clock speed on the card at all so im considering selling the gtx 470m since dell doesnt support it and getting a gtx 460m. I'll try and post some pictures later on tonight, luckily this isnt my main laptop so i can take my time on it (i use an Alienware 17 r5 as my main) anyways, any help with the upgrade would be hugely appreciated, and let me know of any other upgrades i should do to the laptop.

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