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  1. So I took the plunge, and bought a 970m. Got it all up and running, but the GPU is throttling in every game I try and run. Has anyone had this problem and been able to overcome it? So far I've... Tried a couple of different driver versions (345.20 and 347.88). Neither driver fixed the issue. Flashed with the slv7 vbios. Still the same issue. Reinstalled Windows 8, and tried the drivers again. Still not working. Tried forcing P0 P-State in nVidia Inspector. Nothing happens. Symptoms Using MSI Afterburner, the GPU load never goes above 50%. nVidia Inspector shows the P-State as P1 whenever I'm in a game, not P0. 3DMark11 score is only ~P4000 Specs Alienware M15x Core i7 920XM (standard clocks) GTX 970M 6GB with slv7 vbios 8GB RAM Windows 8.1 Pro (fresh install) 240W PSU Can anyone help? I'm completely stumped at this point... Thanks!
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