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  1. If I dont install any sata-3 drives, then there's no need for me to update it to a08 correct?
  2. Would the thermal pads you attached onto the PCH work for m14x r1?
  3. To reset the bios, I have found this link as I am too having the same problem after flashing my bios. By the way, could anyone advise me on the difference in performance for the sata behavior of A05, and A08 bios?
  4. Hi, if i have a GF106 chip, is it possible to download any of the GF116 supported bios and be able to have the increase in voltage? May I also know the difference between the A05 Sata and A08 Sata behaviour?
  5. I'm using m14x r1, so i would need to download the unlocked bios before I can adjust those settings?
  6. I was unable to adjust the Turbo Boost Power Max and Short Power Max to 99W, XTU just didn't allow me to adjust those values at all. Which version of XTU did you use? I downloaded the v3.2.0.24
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