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  1. I thought maybe someone over there would be able to help me figure out why my pc has to have such lower clocks than others of the same model -- I figure its just because each processor is different, but maybe, just maybe, its the stock driver. but either way, over there, they keep insisting the problem is the vbios I got here, which works perfectly as long as I dont further increase the clocks, and can even choose to dial down the clocks now that the lock is removed. there is literally NOTHING wrong with the asus g75vw mod bios here, yet a few people on reddit are insisting it is saying "do I want my problem solved or not" when I say I dont want to roll back the bios. while I know a few people dont represent a whole site, and I know internet banter is just that - nonsense - I also know the bios themselves are unrelated to any issues I have (other than letting me overclock to begin with) I just dont get it -- i continually tell them all its fine as long as I dont push harder on the card, but they keep telling me to roll back anyway. its like Im talking to a wall over there.
  2. Whenever directx crashes it also drops the clocks back to standard settings... so I think it may be related. it happens more often when the settings are a bit too high and the graphics stutter, and if I set the core clock too high, games just wont start and directx fails to initialize the graphics card. I guess the standard overclock is still higher than the original +135, but itd be nice to be able to go higher since the card wont fry edit: its not directx that crashes, its the Nvidia driver kernels themselves! they seem to recover, but then they go back to default settings, this is preventing me from further overclocking the card... is there a better version of the driver to use, or a modded driver out there?
  3. It seems direct3d fails to initialize when I overclock the core speed more, I ALMOST got it running with +150, but it died there too. ran for a second though. I'm not sure if its voltage at work here, or if its just that the card cant do it or what -- other people seem fine overclocking further, and temp isnt a problem. I'm not sure why. It DOES run at the standard core clocks no problem it seems - i havent tested sustained use, but it starts up.
  4. nevermind, I found an app that unparks them all, and locks my CPU in at 100% speed with turbo boost. pretty awesome. I've wanted a way to set it at minimum speed, considering the cooling is great on g75, plus I Have extra external fans with the bottom off, to increase cooling. I'm about to push this thing for all its worth in GTA V and see where it gets me... about to pop open nvidia inspector -- hopefully Im not one of the people unable to overclock still, as I saw a few people had regular core clock speed still. Fingers Crossed guys!!!
  5. It seems to be working!!!! I havent done much testing, or checked many settings. but the PC still runs with the new bios. it DID take forever to boot up (black screen after login), and I restarted and applied default settings - before I did that, asus instant on complained about power settings being modified (may have been that I changed the asus settings myself)... it DOES say some CPU cores are parked upon bootup now -- it MAY be because of the BIOS change or just because it didnt need them, I'm not sure. Im hoping that they turn on when I need them to be on, seeing as it would suck if the BIOS mod disabled some cores. Hyperthreading et al are still on. In the BIOS I did load default settings and saved them. Keyboard lights working fine. do you guys think the CPU core thing and slow bootup is because of the BIOS mod? or is it unrelated/normal? 1, 3 , 5 and 7 are parked, showing no activity
  6. about to try flashing it. scared to death it will somehow brick my laptop, but the desire to get over a ghz of power is too much. wish me luck guys! I'll come back if its successful!
  7. hey, spiroth10 here. been a member for quite some time, but never participated, was scared to try some of the drivers here for fear of bricking my laptop. but hey, Im here now so... yeah. I guess Im a gamer, interested in using my PC as a home media center, which brought me here for modded vBios originally. I came back because, basically this seems like a tech savvy community, and I end up with complex problems a lot -- usually trying to work my way around the system. Im the kind of guy willing to put a whole lot of work into something rather than spend more $$ on it, since Im quite poor, and when I do spend, its as much as I can, and as good quality as possible. the rest is me working around the system to get the most out of it. I know a little C++, have some web design skills, but never use them. Also a musician, but I sold all my gear when an Ex left me and I got addicted to drugs. Im in rehab now, and basically just enjoying technology as a way to pass the time while Im not working. I Dont really know what else to say lol
  8. also do you need to physically modify the chip/laptop as well? I was reading some people on other sites said they had to re-solder the bios chip back on after taking it out, and I really dont want to risk that much, if its just flashing the bios, it will probably turn out ok as long as its the right version, but Im kind of scared to take a soldering iron to the thing,
  9. hey all, I just wanted to make sure before flashing that these are for the same ASUS g75v that comes standard with around 8 gigs ram, intel core i7 2.3Ghz, nvidia GT660m. If it is the right files Im DEFINITELY going to be buying an elite membership to gain access to the files, but you can NEVER BE TOO CAREFUL with this stuff. I dont want to brick my laptop as its all ive got right now.
  10. nevermind, I know its the same, but im going to have to somehow get these mod bios through another source, because I cannot pay for membership here.
  11. I have an asus G75V laptop, and I was wondering if G75V and G75VW are the same? I am not sure if using this will fry my laptop, because mine only Says G75V not G75VW - are these bios compatible with BOTH or are the two different laptops with different bios that are not compatible with each other? i know it works with Gtx 660m and 670m cards, but it scares me because this says G75VW not just V, and this is a system bios so I dont want to brick my laptop... thanks in advance guys...
  12. Hi all, I have an asus G75V, but IT DOES NOT SAY VW. I know this works with the 660m video card, but I was unsure, since its a system wide bios if it would fry my asus G75V laptop... are G75V/G75VW the same? is this BIOS file compatible with both? because I want to further overclock my card, and it does not allow me to flash the video bios alone... thanks in advance!
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