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  1. Hey guys, I joined recently to find some BIOS/driver updates for a few laptops and participate in some PC/gaming related discussion topics. I look forward to learning from you guys.
  2. • Global unit sales of video game consoles 2008-2014 | Statistic Looking at the unimpressive sales numbers for the Xbone vs the 360 and the general downward trend of console sales in general it seems natural for Microsoft to want to integrate their gaming console into the overall Windows software ecosystem. That said I definitely don't see Xbone/Windows integration pulling consumers away from buying mobile games on iOS/Android or PC games on Steam, especially with the nightmarish experiences of dealing with GFWL still fresh in most PC gamers' minds.
  3. I've had this happen with my wife's optimus-enabled laptop. To fix the problem I needed to go into the global application settings in the NVidia control panel and enable/force dedicated GPU acceleration for all programs, effectively disabling optimus. Otherwise some games/programs just refused to switch to the discrete GPU. This was pretty annoying considering that optimus support was one of the reasons why we picked this particular laptop.
  4. From my limited experience I would disable enduro to attempt to improve system stability. I've found that the 6970m in my P170HM has always been extremely sensitive to high heat as well as (designed) voltage fluctuations. Occasionally while switching from high to low voltage profiles (as in returning from a game to the Windows desktop) it would crash even if it was running relatively cool. The fix I used for a few years was to force the card to run at a constant 1.05V at a constant stable OC. At stock settings it was just too unreliable. Recently re-installing Windows and installing all of the latest updates and drivers seems to have fixed the issue for me on stock settings, but I haven't yet tried any overclocking on the current driver config.
  5. I've always preferred AS5 for non-OC builds (business workstations or builds for friends/family) because while it isn't the most effective paste in the short term it maintains good thermal contact over long periods of time and breaks down very slowly. I use IC Diamond or TX-4 for my personal computers, but the advantages they have over AS5 seem to diminish over time and they seem to require repasting more frequently. I almost always use TX-4 for low pressure mounts like on laptop CPUs since the stuff has such low viscosity and spreads super easily.
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