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  1. I really hope you can get this up and running, desperate for egpu seamless boot for the 2015 rmbp. If you made it into a turn key solution would buy one off you in a heart beat.
  2. Hi all, Really wanting to get this egpu setup due to sluggish performance on external display under parallels. I figure this is because Iress is struggling under the load. I recently purchased a 2015 13" MBP with internal gpu only. Has anyone got this to work with such a model? Cheers
  3. @trollinteemo Speaking as someone on the fringe of the eGPU scene (I am enthusiastic about the idea but could not be bothered with powered risers and the other necessary mods) I would 100% purchase your solution, and strongly encourage you to take it to market. The market may be small now, but this kind of solution opens the door to mass market adoption. eGPU's will not stay niche forever because the economics of the solution make sense over the long run (not to mention the potential for massively reducing PC landfill). I understand that the issue that some members have had with the proposed product is that it is a repackaged version of the setups that members are currently DIY'ing, with a margin stacked on top. I admire and respect those who have pioneered the eGPU space but I would argue that this is a defensive mindset. Companies like Intel will never recognise the market opportunity through a change.org petition. The reality is that most consumers cannot comprehend the possible impact of a turn key eGPU solution, and petitions like those will never gather enough momentum to make Intel take notice. If we want a turn key solution supported by the owners of the IP, we should be endorsing trollinteemo's idea which will bring numbers in to the market. Who cares If trollinteemo gets 20% on top for his time and efforts? In my opinion it is well earned. Herkshire
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