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  1. What about a macbook air 13 display? It looks like it has the same 40 pin connector as our HPs. If it works then fitting it into the lid would be easy with a bit of skills. Since there is absolutely no IPS alternative then one of the best TN displays might be the only solution.
  2. So which Gen 2 adapter do you recommend? Something that can be powered by a small PSU brick. I am not going to use anything above GTX 750 Ti or similar. I would very like to avoid the extra 6-pin power requirement.
  3. I don't think the 2133 ram is worth it. Especially if the performance gain is low. I was thinking to get 100% out of the igpu so i wouldn't bother with egpu. But if I would, what graphics card should I get? I mean, afaik the expresscard adaptor limits the pci-e to x1, so the more powerful the card the more bottleneck. So which one is the least bottlenecked and can also make cs:go playable (>=100fps) on low with 4:3 resolution? I was looking for a AC 5ghz wifi card. Since they're about the same price should I get the intel 7260 or BCM4352? Bluetooth is a must.
  4. Thanks for the input. So what significant differences are between a 35W and a 45W QM (including the GPUs)? Will the standard (65W I believe) power brick have any issues with a 45W cpu? My "personal" goal would be 3 ghz on all 4 cores. My ideal setup would be the smallest battery and an extra 9 cell for long school days. Not sure on those listed on ebay, even ebay.co.uk. G.skills are hard to find around here. Only crucial, adata and kingston. I won't go bigger than 2570p. A notebook should be as small as possible, because you buy it for mobility.
  5. Hi, I have a few questions regarding my 2570p. I'm going to upgrade it so it will be as close to as a desktop replacement as it can, considering the costs of course. CPU: currently it has a i5 3210M which I intend to replace with a QM. After looking through the available processors my first choice would be a 3632QM 35W. I will have to use the laptop at school for a few hours with a 3 cell battery which I'm going to get to get rid of the annoying extra long 6 cell. Basically I'm interested in the best bang for buck CPU performance and TDP wise. RAM: looking for 16gb. Tomorrow I will replace my 2x4gb kit with a 1x8gb from another HP. Can I use a different module with the same specs? A 1x8gb HP module is three times as much as a crucial/kingston one. WIFI AC: is there any one I should avoid? Also are there any compatible 4g lte modems worth buying? Thanks a lot!
  6. Hello everyone. I am looking to upgrade my i5 cpu to a i7 QM. Which model allows voltage decrease? A 2ghz QM undervolted is pretty much what I need. Also are there any practical differences between 35w and 45w cpus? Especially about power draw/temps/noise. And something I haven't found an answer to: can the iGPU be overclocked on these cpus? Thanks!
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