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  1. So we assumed this was a fake @flingin @tucksha ? (Hehe 5 years later lol)
  2. Sorry for unearthing this, but If you have not installed W10 yet and intend to, what are the choices? I haven't read anything yet (maybe I missed it) for systems that are not bricked yet: 1) Don't try your luck with W10 yet, it's not safe (as of december 2015) 2) install an older version of nvidia drivers + modded inf for W10 with driver signature disabled Thanks
  3. Love this Thread! So many things can be tried, only problem is the required skills and tools to be able to unsolder and resolder correctly the BGA chips on our boards! I don't think that's an "everybody can do this" kind of skill, like "bake yourself some BGAs instead of eggs" ! anyway, good luck on the tests guys, awesome work!
  4. Hello Svl7! First off, I've been following all the great work recently on the 980M bios, congratz on that! I have acquired a 7970m from a Clevo seller, I guess he tried to flash his card and it probably bricked it. I have at my disposal: - Alienware 18 with 2x 780M - Alienware M18x r2 with 2x 7970m - Alienware M18x r1 with 1x 7970m - 2x Alienware M17x r2(5870m and 580m) Can you tell me what to try to see if the card is really bricked? If it is, can I send it to you for fixing it? Thank you
  5. Hello Prema and thanks for the links! Quick question : is there any specific soldering iron model that you recommend in terms of size of tip + temperature required to do the job? thank you.
  6. @t0mX

    Gx660r + gtx 580m/675m

    Sorry to unearth this topic, a friend asked me to find out if you had done any hardmod on heatsink (original) or just used the 1761 heatsink with no mod?
  7. A friend tired the same as you but he still gets a error code 37 in device manager and cannot install the drivers, what do you think could be the problem? (the card is a Dell card from m18x r1)
  8. Hi Everyone, sorry for digging up this subject, has there been any updates on the vbios by SVL7 on the matter ?
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