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  1. Hi guys, greetings from Turkey System 15" Acer E1 571G i5-3210M 2.5Ghz CPU 8GB ram HD4000 iGPU GT620m dGPU Win7 64-bit eGPU parts EXP GDC Beast mPCIe 220W Dell DA-2 AC adapter 2GB Zotac GTX670 Amp Edition eGPU Setup 1.3 software Nvidia Driver 350.12 External monitor 42" LG 42LB580N Benchmark results 3dmark11.GPU=8775 3dmark11.GPU=9403 (with +111 mhz core +156 mhz memory clock overclock) with a friend's GTX970: 3dmark11.GPU=13366 3dmark13-FS.GPU=10901 Pictures one of the picture is with my old graphic card gtx 570 Videos (most in Turkish, the majority with the GTX570 + internal LCD. Only the last two with the GTX670 + external LCD)
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