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  1. There is still no Pascal support in Nvidia Web drivers for macOS, so you can't use any GTX10x0 card on macOS. If you want to use both Windows and macOS, get a GTX980Ti. If you are fine to use only Windows, get a GTX1070.
  2. What's the problem just to connect everything and try?! But don't forget firstly update OS to 10.12.2 and run TB3 enabler - https://github.com/KhaosT/tb3-enabler If your Thunder3 is old revision (TI82), there shouldn't be any problem.
  3. BTW Nvidia already released drivers for 10.12.2. The main thing with Nvidia in eGPU after OS update is PATIENCE. For 10.12.1 16B2655 drivers were available in something like 18hours, for 10.12.1 16B2657 it took one week.
  4. I've never got a similar problem during my tests. So does it matter how boot option is named if windows is booting?!
  5. Script is not broken. You've got an emergency security update for 10.12.1 and now you have build 16B2659 (that was only available on 15" MBP late 2016 for some time). Nvidia haven't released drivers for that build and imo they won't be releasing it. But who knows?! If you don't have a backup of 10.12.1 or distributive o re-install, you could pm me for a copy of 10.12.1 16B2657.
  6. For restore: copy files manually. Terminal command can't determine which EFI partition to use cos mounted EFIBackup.dmg is shown as EFI as well as original EFI partition.
  7. I was getting the same problem if Windows was installed in Legacy mode with BootCamp assist (13" MBP late 2013 and 13" MBA mid 2012). After re-installing in EFI mode and applying this tweak everything was OK.
  8. GTX980 with 6+6pin is stable with Dell DA-2 PSU.
  9. Look at their 400W bundle photo - https://goo.gl/ipVoFn They have custom ordered 400W PSU (from FSP company as they answered) with standard 8Pin EPS connector and then it's splitting up inside to two 8Pin PCIe connectors (https://goo.gl/pWNvqs).
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