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  1. hello, can i fix error 35(need update for bios or something) with setup 1.3? i got that error on GTS 250, but on GTX 560 is fine my laptop is toshiba L645
  2. hello, i need help for my egpu 1st its working so far, but bcause something happen my gtx 560 got broken and for awhile im using my friend gpu, its gts 250 when using it with egpu. i got error 35 (its detected on device manager, and working but the colour is broken and cant choose screen ress) yes, im already uninstall all nvidia driver for gtx 560 and replace it for gts 250 my spec are : toshiba L645, i3 m370 2.4ghz, dgpu ati 5470, win 7 (64) anyone can help? or solution?
  3. thank you Tech Inferno Fan for answer my question before... my last question is... can i get better performance with win8 alone? (before im buyin setup 1.x im afraid it not have a better perfomance either...) edited : ok im reread that REF ten times... and still doubt it will work in my laptop...
  4. uh... im avoid to reinstal my window cause something... (a lazy to reinstalling my working program.. and afraid its will not compatible with win8) is it a last choice for me?(instal win8) any other solutin to make me still using win7 for better performance? and 1 thing.. my egpu(gtx560) is support x1 opt?
  5. hmm.. can i ask somtethin...? my laptop toshiba L645 i3 m370 2.4 ghz ati mobility 5470 4gb ram win 7 64 bit... pe4l 2.1b and im using gtx 560 1gb with thermaltake 450w... and yes.. im already do it according to tutorial everywhere im found.. and its work... my problem is... why its the performance not significant up? is bcause limitation of pcie in my laptop have? i have a poorly 3dmark06 score... (just 5k) please help me.. or i must buy setup 1.x to link pcie x1 i have in my laptop for better performance?
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