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  1. hello i think i found something relevant to your question over in the lenovo forums seems like others have issues with this ssd and samsung magician as its an oem? https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-U-and-S-Series-Notebooks/U430-SSD-firmwire-update/td-p/1481952. sorry couldn't be of more help
  2. Hello all I couldnt find a thread on this forum regarding this problem but i would like to share a fix or work around if you prefer to call it. So basically after installing this game (lenovo y500 i7 8gb gt650m sli) like many people it was unplayable to say the least on even the lowest settings after googling around and trying all sorts a simple fix i found was entering this command -GameTime.MaxSimFps 60 -GameTime.ForceSimRate 60+ in the target box of the shortcut of the game to do this: right click on your shortcut depending on which you use whether its 32bit or 64bit click on the shortcut tab then you need to paste the code at the end of the line thats already there. obviously your installation directory maybe different so adjust accordingly it should look something like this "C:\GAMES\Need for Speed Rivals\Rivals-64.exe" -GameTime.MaxSimFps 60 -GameTime.ForceSimRate 60+ i cant remember were i found this but many thanks to the person who shared it i take no credit. one thing to note is if your system cant maintain a steady 60fp in the game you should replace both the 60's in the code with something lower. also if anyone has any tweaks for this game please share it would be much appreciated by all thanks GOOD LUCK
  3. i was also having audio issues with my y500 after doing a fresh install of win8.1 no drivers were missing in device manager but that was only because standard drivers were being used for audio i only noticed after i realised the volume on full was not as loud anymore and after googling around i found Dolby Home Theater v4! v7.2.8000.14 which i believe was available on the stock y500 before this fixed my issue and also some nice options of equalization setting within the app
  4. my y500 came without the ssd cache so i purchased a samsung 840 evo msata 500gb and now use it as the boot drive and the hdd as storage my system was booting in about 8 seconds if i remember correctly after a fresh install of win 8.1 since then i have many programmes running on startup such as object dock star8 and some automation software for downloads which i believe are hurting startup times but anything under 50 seconds is bearable for me oh and also i am using they cyberlink face login software which i believe also hogs speed.
  5. if anyone has issues with there synaptics trackpad such as jumpy cursor try this synaptics driver since iv been using this i hav had no problems synaptics clickpad v8.1 synaptics pointing device v16.3.15.1 25Feb13 and also another great feature (life saver) instead of using fn keys to control volume i have been using tap zones which can be setup withing the driver settings under tapping which allow you to control volume or many other things by simply tapping a region on your trackpad i use the top left corner for volume up and bottom left corner for volume down it works great once your used to it and you wont use the fn keys for volume again
  6. my y500 was a single gt650m 8gb ram without the ssd cache since then i have brought the ultrabay gpu gn36 and also installed a samsung ssd 840 evo msata 500gb ssd as the boot drive and use the 1tb as storage note lenovo one key recovery does no longer work and i learned its best to do a clean boot instead of migrating the os from hdd to ssd as it was having problems with windows search and folder directory maybe it was a mistake on my part but all is well now
  7. hi all i have a lenovo y500 gt650m sli running windows 8.1 i was also having terrible wifi disconnects but since using the driver date 25/02/2014 iv had no further problems!
  8. for anyone still looking for this card i purchased mine from ali express for £164.64 gbp including the required 170 watt adapter it was from a seller named NB-battery store in china guangdong as you would expect it was high risk to say the least i did have to wait a month and pay extra dhl fee of about £14.00 which was not stated anywere not sure if it was supposed to be anyway it arrived and has been working flawlessly for about 6 months so just stating its not always a scam
  9. can anyone confirm safe clock speeds after i have flashed my bios i dont have a clue what i should set them as
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