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  1. Based on your BIOS version, looks like you have got an Engineering Sample machine. If my memory serves me right, you can use the blind flash to force update to production version. I would suggest to start from an earlier version like A07, then up to A13.
  2. Most likely your memory stick(s) can't sustain the higher speed. Are you using the stock memory from Dell or after market memory sticks which designed for o/c?
  3. Could someone be so kind to provide the link to non-oc 780m VBIOS? The version I am looking for specifically is 80.04.B3.00.10 TIA
  4. Upgrade to 780m does not require unlocked BIOS, just do the following: 1. Uninstall nVidia driver 2. Replace MXM module 3. Install new nVidia driver (might need modded INF)
  5. Fixes & EnhancementsFixed -add Win8.1 OS type -support Fn+F1/F2/Pause function. Enhancements -NA Driver Details | Dell US
  6. Mine is M17x R4 with self upgraded GTX780m, I got 4521 with 3940XM, no CPU/GPU oc.
  7. Dell releases A12 BIOS for M17x R4 [h=3]Fixes & Enhancements[/h]Fixes -Not Applicable Enhancements -Enhanced SMBIOS TYPE01 Offset 19h to Product name. -Enhanced update DIMM isolation protocol. -Enhanced update ePSA to 4220A10.(4220.11).
  8. Thank you Mr. Fox. I did the upgrade, took me around 30 minutes or so. It is very easy to remove the front bezel, put it in M17x R4 takes most of the time. But it is a smooth job nevertheless.
  9. Panasonic UJ-265 price has dropped to a point I consider affordable. Has anyone had any experience in upgrading their Alienware laptop to a BluRay/RW? Is it hard to remove the front bezel of UJ-265?
  10. I am thinking of upgrading to Win8. If using Win8, I would prefer to change the BIOS from legacy mode to UEFI mode to speed-up booting time. In UEFI mode, will all the changes I made in BIOS (advance settings) stay active? ex. disable built-in Intel video, boost turbo setting for 3920XM etc.
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