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  1. The Y410p/510p's BIOS uses a whitelist for the wireless card. This means that if you try to install one that isn't on Lenovo's rather tiny list of "approved" cards, then the system will simply ignore it. This would be fine if the stock card was kosher, but the Intel Centrino 2230 is notoriously crap. A user who wants a better wireless card essentially has two options: find a Lenovo-branded card that the BIOS will accept (good luck with that), or mod the BIOS so that it doesn't perform the whitelist check.
  2. Sasquash

    Gtav on pc

    As excited as I am to play it on PC, if Rockstar needs more time to make it the best port they can, then so be it. It certainly sounds like they've got a lot planned; I'm confident that it'll be worth the wait.
  3. The specific rules they've established today are somewhat vague, but it's still good to hear that the FCC is taking us a step in the right direction. This whole thing has probably been the finest display of cooperation on the Internet since the SOPA/PIPA debacle; were it not for all the pressure from the public, today's ruling likely would have been very different.
  4. I wouldn't recommend it. The framework is there for a great game, but it's just executed poorly. The lore is good, as always, but the style was never adapted for an MMO. It's as though the developers built a complete Elder Scrolls game as usual, and then slapped the multiplayer components on afterward. You're constantly told that you are "THE CHOSEN ONE," which has worked for Elder Scrolls in the past, but it loses its effect when you know that literally everyone you see around you is being told the same thing.
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