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  1. I don't know if I should ask this here but I have a question. If I have the 2014 macbook pro with iris pro and Nvidia Geforce 750M, if I use an eGPU solution, will the 750M still be taxed and put out heat? or does the dedicated GPU inside the laptop not run when using an eGPU? Thanks
  2. Hello peeps My name is Richard. Just graduated with an Architectural degree and my Sager NP5165 brought/introduced me to these forums, which seem to require high quality posts. That is great! Anyways, I'm looking forward to posting in this forum more!
  3. Thanks for this thread guys. So with this option of thunderbolt connectivity, you can essentially increase the horsepower of the GPU in your laptop (by using a more powerful one of course). Am I getting this correct? Sorry I'm a noob to this.
  4. Can anyone be so kind as to post a link or explain how eGPU's work? Thanks
  5. My sager trackpad literally just popped out. I put on a vinyl sticker, then after waiting for an hour I decided to just take it off. While I took it off, I literally yanked the trackpad up and out...lol
  6. I started listening to Emancipator station on Pandora. Some very nice hip hop-esque songs in their with some nice soothing tracks too with a wide array of instruments used.
  7. It looks like a nice little mobile GPU. I'm amazed at how far we have come with laptop GPUs. And I have 60+ years of my life left to live through it 0.0
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