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  1. Which gpu do you have? The problem is that my f7 (I/d gfx) didn't work anymore so I had to put unlocked bios! And is also great for oc feature
  2. Absolutely no problem! Just use the file from dell. It will downgrade to a11 (I think is beacayse a13 is almost the same) and you can flash with prr in the main post. It's easy and safe as far as I know! If I had tried this before I would have save my other mobo without downgrading to a5. 300€ gone!:/
  3. My downgrade was just successful...it was with stock bios and it was just like an upgrade! So I'm with a11 now and everything is okay! I will try to install the modded one when I have time. I've already broke another mobo doing the blind flash thing so I will not risk this other doing blind flash
  4. try to remove cmos battery! - - - Updated - - - i've found out that u can just flash a11 stock from a13 and it will make u downgrade without any problem, i will flash the modded bios asap
  5. as far as i know if u don't disable nvidia optimus there is no chance! That was what i studied when we changed the GPU on a friend's ali!
  6. and there is a way to have a full dump of my bios in this mobo to restore it to the chip of the other one? I have a programmer for chips.
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