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    Sony Vaio SVS 15 Dedicated Graphics card problem.

    Not to be rude, but you need to understand that I know when a graphics card is not working. I know that 499 MhHz core clock and 900 MHz are the normal parameters for such a card but as you can see from the screen shot above (I did not upload it just to have a picture in my thread) it is not working (at least properly). Hearthstone (which, is a card game) is runing at around 15-25 fps. That proves that the game is not runing on the dedicated but the integrated graphics card. And again yes I did change all the settings and tryed all the things in the NVidia control panel. When I have time I will reinstal the NVidia driver and put the old one just to make a screen shot and show you that the card, when working, is runing at 124.9 MHz core clock and 350MHz memory clock. I hope someone can help me soon coz this thread was posted almost a month ago. And if you want to reply please make sure that you know what you are saying and understand the problem. I do not want someone to reply with "Did you change the global settings in the nvidia control panel to high performance card?" or similar. I am, in advance, greateful for any usefull suggestion/tips on how to solve the problem.
  2. So I have a problem with my dedicated graphics card on my new sony vaio svs 15 it just won't work. I did everything people suggest on the internet but it did not help. And yes I did change the global setings on nvidia control panel to high performance... I actualy did everything I could in the nvidia control panel. Now this is what I could find out about my problem. When I install the nvidia driver from the official sony site my dedicated graphics card works but it is downclocked. The core clock does not go above 124.9 MHz and memory clock is around 399 or 499 MHz while my intel hd 4k works at 350 MHz (Core clock) and 666 Mhz (Memory clock). So even if it works it works on a old driver and with lower performance than my integrated card. Now I could use some help coz I am trying to fix the problem for more than 2 month. Here is a ss from the gpu-z sensors. Please help I am desperate. Edit: I added a screen shot when the dedicated is actually working but as you can see the core clock is at 124.9 MHz and it should be at 499 MHz if any1 can help me solve this thing I will be grateful. I've been stuck on this problem for 6+ months. Edit: Again I checekd and everything is optimised to high performance and still the core clock is at 124.9 MHz. I downloaded the MSI Afterburner and I was able to change the memory clock but not the core clock. Something is blocking the core clock and I do not know what. I can't change it in the BIOS since it is a Vaio LapTop and the BIOS is very limited.

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