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  1. The list is long, so there's my TOP 5 (not in order) and a brief motivation: Game of Thrones - Quite perfect in every detail...from photography, to dialogues, to characterizations...and to nude chicks Scrubs - Highly educationalmotivationalfunny. Should be learned at school. Big bang Theory - Nerdy! Dexter - I'm a biologist and I have a code, too =) Breaking Bad - Best character ever seen in a TV series!
  2. Hi to everyone! I'm Simone, from Italy. I'm a musician and a PhD student in neuroscience, and I use a lenovo y510p that is really awesome. Hobby: free climbing / bouldering, writing / reading, parkour, beer, beer, beer. I'm here mainly to solve a problem of erasing recovery LENOVO partition on my pc =( And, obviously, beer.
  3. Just understood that 'm a creep if I don't get this fu**in' awesome shinin' alienware!
  4. Unbreakable....vote: 5-. It should have been 20 mins, not 150. The only emotional part is the last one, and is a footage...
  5. I currently have a Y510P, bought one year ago...it's performance are really high. I use it for work (behavioural experiments, writing, composing, editing, mixing, data analysis and much more...) and I sometimes use it for gaming too, and I never had problems. The only bad thing has been the reason why I joined this forum...accidentally overwriting the LENOVO recovery partition leads to an enormous amount of problems... hope this helps!
  6. Man...the new album from Periphery...really motivating!
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