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  1. Why not just get a Razer Core? It's specifically designed for high end GPUs.
  2. It'll also be interesting to see if Apple switches back to nVidia graphics or if they stick with AMD when they update the MacBooks to the Skylake platform. Apple usually switches back and forth between the two companies during updates.
  3. I'm really excited about this and hoping for a more straight forward eGPU + MacBook Pro solution.
  4. Hah! I was just looking at this. Have a look at the article, it'll tell you when it's shipping.
  5. I'm really interested in doing this same set up, however, I'd probably put the card into a computer case.
  6. Yes, it's been posted about previously. http://forum.techinferno.com/diy-e-gpu-projects/5329-thunderbolt-egpu-thunderbolt-display.html
  7. So I guess my best bet to get a MBP with the iGPU as I only really care about gaming with the eGPU and most of the time the MBP will be hooked up to the external monitor and eGPU setup anyway.
  8. Does having a dGPU change things any or would the setup be the same and would it function the same way?
  9. Ah OK, so you have the Intel 400 graphics, and not the discrete nVidia GT650M.
  10. Wow, that's awesome news! Have you tried using the MBP screen as well as the TB monitor at the same time? Your MBP has the GT 750M, correct? Thanks again for testing and posting the results.
  11. I don't have first hand experience but reading a lot of other forums, many people were complaining that the trial version expires after a month and even if they have a chipset and motherboard from a manufacturer that has a Virtu license, the license is locked to specific models of motherboards. People have tried emailing the company asking to buy stand alone versions or asking for support but they never reply.
  12. After a bit of searching it seems like Virtu is locked to specific motherboards and you can't buy it as a standalone product. Each OEM has their own licensed versions that are locked to specific motherboards.
  13. Interesting solution. I assume you'd plug the TB display into one of the TB ports on the MacBook and the eGPU setup into the other TB port. Under OS X it looks like you'd still be able to use both the internal and external display and then when in Windows VIRTU would automatically switch over to the eGPU when the system was put under load.In theory it should work, but it'll be interesting to see how it plays out in practice.
  14. Awesome. Please do, Im really interested (and hopeful) to see how it all works out.
  15. @arnautovic did you get this all together and working with the TB display? I'm in a similar situation. I have a TB display and I'm looking at getting a new 15" rMBP. Most of the time it'll be stationary and I'll only use the eGPU for gaming in Windows. Otherwise I'm in OS X the rest of the time.
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