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  1. Hello guys. My dell 330w adapter was dead. So I got new one from third party market. But I don’t know this is genuine or not. Suspicious points are main and small white label, also LED light. Does anybody know this is genuine or not?
  2. I am using Alienware 17 R1 with clevo vendor 980m. In this case, can I use AW18_8GB_GTX980M_OC_PM_v1.1.1.rar file?
  3. I am using 359.09. There has been no problem during playing game, but crashed card during web streaming video sometimes.
  4. juvens

    GeForce 359.06 WHQL

    My card crashed sometimes after I installed this driver version
  5. HID evolution is also good seller or ebay upgrade monkey is good also.
  6. Hello. I am Lee in Japan has Alienware 17 R1 with 980m. I am really enjoying my new gaming laptop.
  7. I heard that alienware 18 has dell vendor 980m. Now, I am using Alienware 17 R1, so I want to get this card from anywhere. Does anyone know where to buy dell vendor card??
  8. juvens

    Downgrade bios

    I am using AW 17 (R5). And, using bios A14. But, I want to downgrade A09 version. In this case, can I flash A09 directly? or flash step by step like A14- 13-12-11-10-09?
  9. I installed Nvidia 350.12 driver today. After that, unity exe file crashed and cannot working. I downgraded to previous driver version, then it worked. What is problem on this?? Does anyone know how to fix this??
  10. Hey all. I want to buy new gaming laptop. Please suggest brand and model. requirement - Bugget $2500 -17" - 980m video card. - easy to upgrade parts -not many brand application installed. Thank you.
  11. I have a Alienware 17 R1 (M17 R5). nowadays, I upgraded to 980m and want to apply vbios. Does anyone recommend which vbios is better between prema and svl7 now??
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