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  1. Hey good people, 

    I've been thinking about moving from my good old P170SM to SLI setup, my very first thought was to get P377SM-A, but it turned out I've been late - they've been phased out of sales around three months ago in my parts of the world:/ But at the very same time I did get a nice offer for P375SM, and while I'm not a fan of that specific look I've started to consider accepting the offer. One thing that I've got hard times figuring out is what are the differences between P37XSM and P37XSM-A models? Or maybe someone knows where I can get P377SM-A anywhere in Europe;)? 



  2. Depends on the vBIOS:

    - Best case scenario it will cause a lot of artifacts and finally crash the card once it tries to use address space above 4GB.

    - Worst case >>> brick

    Yeah,it didn't sound like a good idea in the first place, but hey if the guy was brave or stupid enough...:)

    It turns out the MSI 980m comes from GT72 upgrade kit - I will give it a go.

  3. I'm also interested in the thing , MSI made some series of 980m with 4Gb of RAM onboard - I've got the opportunity to get one of those with some nice price tag but I've got no idea if it fits my P170SM. If anyone tried that kind of a trick, please speak up:)

  4. The funny thing is that it apparently does not, Andrzej is mate of mine and he tried to shove the card into MSI GT70 1762 with no real luck, card got recognized and he was able to install the drivers but 3dmark etc were only using iGPU for some reason.. Any suggestions are more then welcome, also on the subject of putting that kind of a card into Clevo P170SM;)

  5. Hi Guys,

    So I've got some peculiar problem with my Clevo P170SM, up to this time I've been running it with 16Gb RAM, splitted into two 8Gb dimms, and everything was going on alright. Just recently I've put my hands on two another chips, and decided to give 32Gb a go:) The thing is, whenever I add one or two chips defaut IXTU memory mode goes down to 1333Mhz instead of standard 1600Mhz - anybody got an idea what's going on? Tried swapping the chips, and each and every runs 1600Mhz on it's own or paired with another one...

  6. Be aware that overvolting should only be done by experienced users and can seriously harm your GPU, shorten the life of its components and lead to unsuspected effects and / or system instability. I take no responsibility for any possible damages.

    I guess that better part of the people around here are already aware of this...

    Mine Clevo 7970m run up to 950@stock voltage rock-solid, ensure you got proper contact and thermpad between the voltage regulators and the heatsink - this may cause similiar problems afaik.

  7. It might be so it's just displaying the GPU incorrectly while still using the 660m- had that thing a while ago with a Radeon GPU. If the game peformance is alright then there's nothing to be worried about..

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