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  1. NWilcox217

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Is that your favorite song by them?
  2. NWilcox217

    Do Gaming companies hate PCs?

    Well, if you think about it, consoles are so "popular" because the companies that own the systems also control the market of the games for the systems. For example, Sony. They own the PS4. Every time you see a commercial for a game that is on the PS4, you are going to see the logo for the PS4, ingraining into your mind the picture of a PS4. Its marketing. This marketing causes sales to go up because it is popular, simply because it is more visible. On the contrast, you have PC. PC "systems" don't have as recognizable of a logo as consoles do. You don't have nVidia, AMD, Dell, Lenovo, etc. flashing logos on advertisements for PC games. You just see the PC symbol, which is easily missed by the eye. Then, because of this popularity, developers for games see consoles as a larger market. Its just a giant avalanche of shit. I believe the bottom line to be that PC gaming needs a better way of marketing to the console community. I'm not sure how, but it needs to be done. Another big thing seems to be that people think PC gaming is ridiculously expensive. This scares them and they revert to consoles. I know this, because I have friends who have told me this. But yet that isn't even true. For the same cost of a PS4, I could throw together a mid-grade system, probably with something like a GTX 750 or 760, that would completely blow the PS4 out of the water. Plus, you get so many more games through PC for cheaper! Sony and Microsoft control the entirety of the prices of games for the PlayStation and XBox systems, but on PC, the control is in the developer's hands, as well as many other vendors. Steam, for example, which has sales all the damn time! Once again, the marketing is the issue. PC needs to get itself out there as looking afford-ably superior to the console community.
  3. NWilcox217

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Lots of electronic music here
  4. I should be able to have control of HyperThreading with unlocked BIOS, right? I have an i7, and HyperThreading is not visible in the BIOS
  5. NWilcox217

    Lenovo Y510p or somthing else ?

    I have the Y510p. Unfortunately, locked BIOS. Otherwise, does great. I like it a lot. Could have used the SLI, though. If anyone gets the Y510p, get SLI. You'll regret it if you don't. Just one single GT 755M really isn't enough. It has halfway-decent shader performance.
  6. NWilcox217

    Interesting pics

    - - - Updated - - -
  7. NWilcox217

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Dark Tranquility - Icipher Melo-Death Metal

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