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  1. Check your pci settings in your bios or power saving settings and see if your card is being throttled at all. I'm not sure how robust your bios is but there might be something in there. To check frame rate just try any game and download fraps or look up how to display fps in that game. For example steam source games have it built in to the console. Then check on line benchmarks for what your card is supposed to be getting.
  2. THANK YOU FOR THIS MOD! I decided just to properly contribute and pay for a short subscription for the files. The mod rocks!
  3. The answer to that one is somewhat vague as far as i can tell. The option manages openGL on your single or multiple display device. So it could be just the specific game that you are running that uses openGL.
  4. Hey guys, I'm a university student working as an IT professional to get through school for an electrical engineering degree. I was running a clevo w110er and traded my friend for his lenovo y500 and discovered the wifi whitelisting when I tried to put my intel ac7260 in it. I discovered this site from the bios mod for the laptop and hopefully I'll be a member soon enough to be able to actually download it. Just trying to post useful things rather than spamming the forums just to get my download.
  5. Have you also tried reinstalling the chipset and intel drivers? I know that's a pretty basic answer but it doesn't sound like you've tried it yet. You can also try the official intel drivers from their website. You could also try different games and 3dmark if you already haven't.
  6. Have you tried any actual fps benchmarks yet? Sometimes 3Dmark doesn't give the best representation of true performance due to some stray setting or newer driver it's not compatible with yet. I'm also assuming your testing under ideal conditions? Clean os, machine plugged in, latest optimus drivers, etc?
  7. I strongly recommend getting in contact with one of the vendors of clevo as they might have some more insight. Sager is a good one for support, it probably won't matter that you didn't buy it from them as they are pretty helpful anyway. But unless they have any other tricks tricks like a prepost method or a serial input that already is already built into the motherboard you might be out of luck. Short of replacing the motherboard or desoldering the old bios chip if you can even find one. This is usually why it's so risky to flash a bios even with a good machine, one stray gamma ray from the sun and bam the whole thing goes awry. Best of luck.
  8. Single card is always better IMHO. The only reason to go with sli is if the fastest card on the market isn't fast enough for you. Typically cards are priced competitively enough that you're spending the same amount on two cards as one fast one. However there is no overhead performance drop with a single card and a lot less power draw. I recommend a 970 gtx + a 640 gt or something for physx if that's you're thing.
  9. Does a company have to purchase the rights from intel to use thunderbolt as well? If so this could be a large motivating factor as well.
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