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  1. I'm trying to use it on my m17x r2 should I go ahead and flash it ?
  2. Its Robert here , im currently doing some lethal upgrades on my: m17x r2 , m17x r3 , m17x r4 and m18x r2 . lol I was a asus guy before but not now except for laptops. Nothing much to say about my self , il be lurker around the forums to see up coming stories.
  3. I got a large 60g tube of Shin Etsu 7921-5 , its really awesome and way better than mx4 .
  4. Hey guys, was the vbios on the OP from a dell card ? I suspect it could be from a clevo ? I installed a clevo gtx 970m on my m17x r2 but colors are messed up , other than that the card is fully working so though of giving this vbios a shot. (colors messed up - same as hd 5870m with a1 vbios on m15x ) thanks
  5. I found the bios chip it's: SST25LF020A , behind touch pad connector. Can anyone make a bios dump for me ? I can pay for the dump of you want. thanks
  6. I can confirm that it works perfectly.. Temps are not so high. Also I'm using a 2 pipe heatsink.
  7. Hello folks , Today my m17x r2 got bricked when updating the bios to a10. What is does when power is pressed: Keyboard and all led's light up except alien head. No beeps or no caps/num/scroll lock light . I connected a flash drive with crisis recovery files , but the led on the flash drive stays on but doesn't blink that means it is not accessed . So my only option is to reprogram the bios chip. Can anyone tell me the location of the chip in my motherboard . Also I have a ezp2010 programmer , can I program this chip with this programmer ? Thanks for any input.
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