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  1. the connector on ultrabay adapter is just bypassing connections. but some 3rd party does have excellent technology, so I bet on to the soldering of the 3rd party bay is bad.
  2. 1) try power scheme setting of Windows to like 'ultra performance' or similar. 2) check AC adapter on BIOS and if it says 'unknown' adapter, that is the problem.
  3. 1) driver problem: uninstall nvidia drivers with driver cleaner (eg driver sweeper from guru3d) and try install with lastest nvidia driver. 2) hardware problem: install the GTX 760 on a desktop and see if it works. and get another graphics card(I recommend a card using diffrent core, eg. GK106(gtx 660)) and install it on egpu to determine whether the egpu is bad or not. 3) BIOS problem: if there is no good after you done 1) and 2), the problem is on your motherboard BIOS or its design. 4) PCIe link speed: go bios setup and see if there is menu called like 'expresscard speed' or something, and if the menu exists, try set to Gen1. maybe you already done with all of 1~3, I guess, hope 4) helps. the 4) worked on Thinkpad X220.
  4. sometimes even genuine Dell charger is refused by the system, maybe a signal pin within the plug is the cause. I bought a used 240W delta charger for my M6600. at first time the system refused the charger but after I blowed some dust off within the plug, It worked.
  5. It is not related with CPU manufacture, but the expresscard only works at one lane, so the GTX970 may not perform well. and I do not know what kind of 2.8 GHz processor the notebook have though, It may bottle-necked by CPU also.
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