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  1. Bjulkes

    Re-pasting y510p

    So far Ideafan is still the best option against overheating
  2. If they will make them , I don't think it will be ddr3l
  3. Sure, it just has to be the a Gt755m5 model to properly fit.
  4. If anyone has tried this with an y410p 1600x900 (SLI), which is the optimal frequency?
  5. Has anyone experienced any problems on ubuntu with this modded BIOS?
  6. Does anyone knows if the 7260 gives any problem on ubuntu or others Linux Os?
  7. Gz bcunje, it's nice to see you've joined us in the glorious world of y410p SLI'ed =) against throttling, how about Ideafan?
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