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  1. Mongoose135

    M.2 NGFF eGPU Possible?

    I was wondering if anyone here has tried out the P4SM2 (with an M Key M.2 Slot) and a riser yet?
  2. Mongoose135

    Intel NUC PC with an eGPU

    Well I may still attempt this project especially since the new i7 broadwell NUCs are now out and they're looking like a good performing option. The only thing holding me back is that I'm not sure if the M.2 adapter will work (and the new NUCs don't have mpcie slots any more). I've emailed BPlus twice to ask if it the P4SM2 would support a graphics card but didn't get a reply back from them. The other option might be to use the PE4C with a mpcie-m2 adapter as that would probably be a safe bet in terms of powering the graphics card.
  3. Mongoose135

    eGPU experiences [version 2.0]

    I too had the same idea and want to do a similar build. If you do decide to go for it, please let us know the results!
  4. Mongoose135

    Intel NUC PC with an eGPU

    Thanks, did some reading on that and it looks pretty complicated. Will definitely look into that if I do go down the mpcie route I've had a look through the technical documentation for the board and the newer models (which support the 5th generation CPUs - broadwell, and an m.2 slot running at PCIe x2 plus another m2 at x1). Turns out there are newer models out with single / two M.2 slots instead of mpcies.. Has anyone ran a GPU off M.2 before? How about using a M.2 to Pcie x4 adapter like the P4SM2 (P4SM2 (PCIe X4 to M.2 Adapter)) with an x4 - x16 riser cable? Edit: This is way off topic but the board has another kind of connector called "High Speed Customs Solutions Connector" which apparently allows pci x4 connections. It looks like a 40pin connector. No idea how you could connect anything to it though (see spoiler for more info). Seems like this is a new kind of connector as I haven't found any cables that would fit it and the connector is not even listed on kyocera's website.
  5. Mongoose135

    Intel NUC PC with an eGPU

    I'm struggling to find any data on the mPcie slots on the i5 NUC (Mini PC - Intel® NUC Kit D54250WYK) Would anyone be able to hazard a guess as to what speed the mpcie slots can run at? Would it be possible and/or worth it to do a 2x config using both the mpcie slots? (full-size and half-size).
  6. Mongoose135

    eGPU experiences [version 2.0]

    RE: http://forum.techinferno.com/diy-e-gpu-projects/8685-%5Bwip%5D-15-6-msi-ge60-gtx970%404gbps-c-mpcie2-pe4c-2-1-win7.html#post118456 @will97, Nice to see that you got it working. Can you comment on the gaming experience with it? How smooth is the framerate? I got about the same 3dmark11 P Score on my desktop i5 with a mild overclock on the GPU (http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/9307982) Score seems fairly decent (just 10-20% lower than a high end desktop would get).
  7. Mongoose135

    Intel NUC PC with an eGPU

    True, an itx system would be better, I wanted to do this for fun more than anything - I'm a pc building enthusiast and would like to make an ultra small form factor PC that will fit in a backpack and can plug into an external GPU. It would be more of a fun project then a sensible build (perhaps with a modded case and enclosure as well). Anyways, I already own a mini ITX pc which has a mPciE slot so I'll test the adapter on that and compare it to 16x performance. From there I can decide whether performance would be good enough before I go and get an NUC for a super awesome tiny build. If it sucks, I can always sell on the adapter.
  8. Mongoose135

    Intel NUC PC with an eGPU

    Yeah, I did see an i3 model with thunderbolt which has an i3-3217u dual core CPU. However the newer NUC motherboards have a more powerful i5-4250u quad core but they don't come with thunderbolt It's a question of how much graphics power vs how much CPU performance you'd get with a better processor. What's the performance difference like between Thunder and mPciE?
  9. Mongoose135

    Intel NUC PC with an eGPU

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum and have been checking out a lot of the posts here (and have just ordered myself a PE4C 2.1!) I was wondering if anyone has tried using an eGPU with an intel NUC motherboard. The new NUC motherboards have 2x miniPciE slots (1 full size, 1 half size), so it seems like it should be compatible. I own a GTX 750 Ti and also a GTX 970 but I'm not sure which one I'll be using with the build yet... I haven't been able to find any posts on this forum from people who have done it with an NUC pc before, so would like to hear what your thoughts might be on this. I think it could make for quite an interesting breakthrough for SFF pcs...

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