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  1. Thank you SO MUCH for putting out this guide, as this guide was just amazing, and now my Y510p works like a charm! If I could add one suggestion is that this was my first time doing this; I would like to see the steps more descriptive as to what you exactly have to do, since this procedure took me about a day to do because i have to figure out everything myself. Other that, this guide saved my laptop for being a paper weight! Thanks so much! When I'm able, I'll buy you a beer!
  2. Out of all the GTA Games, GTA V catches my attention the most; i think I will get my hands on a copy when it releases. I am also really hoping that the multiplayer for the PC port is good, since I have a lot of friends who are wanting to play the PC version!
  3. I play all racing games and most platformers with a controller. It is so much easier this way than with a keyboard, since it hurts my hands to use a keyboard with a platformer or racing.
  4. I have my eyes set on Gear Up, because it looks really fun! The beta also plays very well, and I can't wait for what the develops do with it for release!
  5. Thanks to games within the Tactical Shooter genre like Robocraft and Gear up, I have been considering a good Tactical Shooter gaming mouse that also does well for First Person Shooters. However, I do not know a lot about the new gaming mice that are out and I would like some recommendations. The Razer Naga Hex that I currently have would have answered this question, but I use a lot of thumb pressure when moving the mouse, and sometimes my thumb slips onto one of the buttons on the side. This has really started to bother me, hence why I am now on the search for a good mouse that does well with both Tactical Shooters and First Person Shooters.
  6. I have heard great things about the keyboard, and it looks great. Perhaps the best thing I like about it would have to be the modular numpad and modular macro railpad. However, I have heard from people that have had disconnect issues. My friend owns this keyboard and he tells me this only happens once every time he starts up but it comes back. The reviews I read however say that this keyboard disconnects permanently for those customers. So what I am try to ask is that do you guys have this problem? I am asking because this is the only hurdle in my way of buying this keyboard, as I love everything about it aside from the disconnect issue that other people seem to be having. Also, if you do have this problem and its too much for you, can you recommend a similar keyboard to the AZIO Levetron Mech5?
  7. I would go with DayZ since I played the ARMA II mod for almost a year. However, I don't know how the standalone version is, but I assume it is much like the mod.
  8. I would recommend Robocraft, because you can build absolutely whatever you please and bring it into the battlefield, within the game's limitations of course. it's like building Legos in a video game!
  9. I am listening to Wrong Side of Heaven by Five Finger Death Punch. It is absolutely amazing song!
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