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  1. I own both a m14x r1 and an m11x r3 and tbh they are quite comparable, when it comes to heavy processing I jump on my m14x though seems the m11x r3 can't handle it as well
  2. I had both an r1 that I got from Cashies and an r3 that I bought off Gumtree, -Sold the r1 because it would lag while playing online games, and I have the r3 as my main travel system, and I love it! (Best $550) So much easier than lugging my m14x r1 everywhere xD
  3. Got my trusty m14x r1, I want to flash the Sata fix A09 bios, so my SSD can hopefully run at Sata III speeds
  4. I have a Samsung 840 Pro in mine, sadly I don't have the Sata III fix bios as yet, but the speeds are pretty good on Sata II
  5. I bought an m11x r3 off Gumtree awhile ago, changed the ram to Kingston HyperX and threw a Samsung 850 Evo in her and it runs like a charm tbh It almost keeps up with my m14x r1 xD
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