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  1. I wan't to install new V361.82 driver but I can't download moded ini file. I'm still using 345.20 desktop driver, moded by Mr.Fox on my stock GTX 880m in Alienware M18X R2 Win 7 and I would like to compare it to newest driver.
  2. Thanks for reply jerryzago. Actually I've posted day after start of thread reply in this thread that the problem is solved however for some weird reason it have not been posted. I've got 3 gen i5 and system booted normally therefore my i7 3610qm is fried. But I've ordered i7-3740qm and it will be delivered tomorrow.
  3. Hi. I have problem with my Alienware m18x R2. My GTX 675m broke and Mainboard shorted due to water condensation. (Don't ask how:distress:) Power Adapter plugged to motherboard without any components like CPU or RAM plugged in to it caused blue light of power adapter to switch off. I've ordered refurbished board from seller that claimed that he get it from Dell. When I've plugged everything up without GPU(running on Intel Integrated) laptop started for a second (Fans spinning, Fx light on, but nothing on screen. Only backlight) and after this it turned off. I've turned it back on and same situation however this time it gave me one beep code( BIOS/ROM corruption). Clearing CMOS resulted in story repeating. Laptop turn on -> Turn off -> I've turned it back on -> one beep code. I've checked RAM by using alone one module at time in different ports, Unplugged any component or device one by one, I've tried blind flashing to A03 but no luck. Replaced refurbishment board for another one from same seller but same story. Motherboard without CPU gave me 7 beeps what is I suppose normal without CPU. I wonder if problem could be because original shorted board was REV A00 and refurbished is REV A01. Also I wonder if shorted board could cause damage to CPU and now it is preventing machine from post. Unfortunately I don't have way to test CPU now. I wonder if this board would post with 3rd, 2nd or 1st generation i5 because I may be able to get it for test. Specs: i7-3610qm 6gb RAM (2GB+4GB) BROKEN GTX 675M 500gb HDD 240W power adapter BIOS on refurbished board A11 Please could someone help me?
  4. Just one quick question. Will single GTX 980m have performance issues on M18X r2 in optimus mode windows 7? or it will work just fine on its full speed?
  5. We are fucked! 0:57 we can clearly see that this is BGA at least GPU. Now we can use our older Alienwares with older card or buy this with graphics amplifier and use desktop GPUs. R.I.P Alienware P.s I just made and account.
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