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  1. Right, so i've resoldered a lead switched with the one I'd identified as the signal one. It wasn't that, after careful analysis I discovered that i'd nicked one the circuit board circuits using a screwdriver, so the bond was ruptured, I trying for 4 hours to resolder the gap (about half a millimeter) with solder but i couldn't manage it, my iron was too fat, so I shunted over the gap by soldering an extra wire. It took me four hours working on a square area of about 1cm, so you can imagine the mess.... I'm afraid I may have shunted other parts of the nearby chip together... Now, the beeping is gone, but when I press fn + 1, it seems the fan isn't running as loudly as before, (which is weird), but the stress test doesnt seem to be showing up anything bad like a notable rise in temperatures. Using Speedfan I got some readings of my internal temps, running Battlefield 4 i'm getting an average 97°c on my cores and about 87°c on the GPU... does that seem like it's appopriate? I don't want burn my hard drive... or the rest of the comuter. Is it possible that the manipulations I did would keep the fan from being able to go full speed? Thanks. At least I got ri of that beeping
  2. Hey, first of all, thanks for your fast answer That sounds about right, it's entirely possible that I ruptured one of the leads going from the fan to the motherboard, should I cut them and resolder new wires? The weird thing is that when I press fn + 1 1, the fan burst into full power, meaning it's receiving signal, could it be that I only broke the signal lead coming from the fan? Do you know which color that one is? Oh one last thing: One more thing points to you being right, when pressing fn + 1 the fans burst into full power, but after about 5 seconds, the computer also starts beeping loudly. I'm going to do a bit of a solder job but i'm wondering if this is someting that happens often on leads, and where it usually happens, should I be looking at the connectors or at the wires? Thanks for your kind help in the saving of my fan.
  3. Hello, An interesting thread coming from a clearly tech-savvy community, because most of you didn't mention all the user-friendly problems the clevos have: Problems: - Terrible sound quality, it's screeching, and had no bass. Sometimes when I'm listening to it, I feel like someone is blowing a dog whistle in my ears. It's a shame that a comouter that can get such great display doesn't get the same attention sound wise, I mean, I tried to de-solder them and even that wasn't easy! - Terrible sound orientation: HEY! You guys decided to make it a laptop! I want to be able to watch movies in my bed! Put the sound out in the front! - The Bios my computer came with was shit, i'm not afraid to say so, it actually deserves that, fans turning on to full power intermittently...etc y'all knwo what i'm talking about. - Cooling isn't great, I'd rather have the laptop be a little fatter and have a bigger fan, slim isn't necessarily good, if it means waking everyone up. - "It's all plasticky" This was once said to me, concerning the low quality of the plastic used around the screen, and I agree, I can push the screen's outer rim in an out with a simple touch because it's too flexible - Low quality plastic grating outside the heatsink: Hey! I don't have anymore of that grating outside the heatsink because it all popped out in three months, the heat made it fragile! - This is a BIG one! DO NOT PUT THE SLEEP BUTTON BETWEEN THE LOWER VOLUME AND MUTE VOLUME KEYS YOU BUNCH OF NITWITS§§§§§111§§1§1§1§1§!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Separate the fn volume and play keys from the rest, make them sleek, take lessons from mac on this. Things that were well done: - my machine is a beast for a 13' laptop. Power is good. - The design is very sleek, no brands, no "HEY LOOK I GOT THIS". Modesty is excellence. -The touchpad is allright, could do with some imporvement and maybe a metal surface. - The mac inspired keyboard chicklet style keyboard is nice. Otherwise, I wouldn't remove VGA like some other poster proposed, it still seems like HDMI isn't the all around standard. Thanks.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm coming to you guys because from my research, this is the most knowledgeable place on the net to find valued info about the w230ST. So, as some of you may know, this laptop had it's share of problems, loud fans setting on anytime, not a very good bios, a while back (last summer) I updated my original bios to the Prema Bios, and it was so awesome my mind was blown. Recently my fan started making so much noise that I started wandering if the fan was dying, it turns out it was just a dust buildup on the fan's shaft, and the shaft was hard to access, took me three times and some drilling to get it all out. I believe this is when it failed. Today, I took the fan apart from the case a first time and tried cleaning the inside by pouring alcohol inside it and shaking it all around, it didn't really work, the rattling was a little different, but still noisy, after some hours of hearing the noise, I decided to try the more efficient way of doing a WHOLE cleanup, which meant taking apart the fan again, and filling it with soap to clean off the last oil I'd put in there, then rinsing out the soap with water, then blowing the water dry, then using a can of compressed air to remove the rest of the dust. I started up my computer and to test the noise, I launched a game, which showed me that the fan worked fine (no more noise), but after some time working, computer started emitting loud beeping noise, the fans start working, and gradually take up speed, and then the computer goes black screen and then shuts down. So when I put it under a little stress test, It does that again, the only way I can interrupt it,is by pressing fn + 1, which activates the fans to max, and weirdly interrupts the shutting down phase, even though that technique has the beeping noise start again also. So I can't just have my computer running with the fans all all the time. If anyone has any ideas, please help me, I don't think it's a problem with the fan's motor like it was before, it seems like the computer doesn't know that the fan is working, which is weird, because I can activate it with fn + 1, so I probably didn't break the fan either.... Thanks for reading, and thanks for this BIOS! hope you guys have an idea so as how to solve this. BTW I downloaded my bios last summer, maybe I should update it now? Thanks.
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