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  1. Is everyone changing their heatsink up coming from a 75w card(765m,860m) to 970m/980m? Eurocom's website shows a quick tutorial upgrading to a 980m and it appeared that they reused the 2 pipe heatsink. Can anyone confirm that it is okay to reuse the 2 pipe heatsink?
  2. Physically, the R4 MB will fit perfectly in a R3 chassis. You will only need to replace the MMC board and the keyboard to the R4 version. No need to replace your CPU as it is forward compatible to the R4 MB. The 680m card is 3D capable only if you have a 3d screen and cable.
  3. I'm not sure how it is with Clevo/Sager but I get awesome aftersale support from Alienware. Like what mentioned above, the name, build quality, and the aestetics makes the difference.
  4. Exactly! If Alienware's new model is too pack a GA for home use with desktop power why not allow to us upgrade the CPU if need to down the road? I am definitely lost on what Alienware is doing.
  5. Hi, My name is Kevin, been a long time lurker so it's about time for me to officially welcome me to the forums!!
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