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  1. Here is a copy of my vbios. Thanks slv7 hook me up and for sure you will get your beer.GK104.zip
  2. Can anyone help me? As stated before I have a Dell branded 4gb gtx680m. SLV7 I can give you my vbios for you to look at and mod for the guys who have the 4gb dell cards.
  3. @svl7 I have an M17xR4 but it has a 4gn 680m from dell or atleast thats what GPUz says and also it had a dell part number. My Vbios numbers match up with a cleveo model but GPUz says dell. What Vbios should I use?
  4. It seems just for the raw power nvidia is the way to go but price wise I would always buy ATI when on a budget. Just my 2 cents.
  5. OMG I can relate to this. I own a 600+ HP Evo and my wife drives an SRT4. Just as stated in the quote they drive around town just the same but get us on the Autobahn and it's a different story. Like everyone else stated sure every day tasks and some games might work out just fine but when you come to a game that requires some real power the toshiba won't get you there like an Alienware.
  6. I've owned all 3 models of the M11x. Right from the start I must say it was a great system and with every new revision it just became more and more powerful. In the end I did sell my last M11xR3 due to personal reasons. I would but another one if I could find a good enough deal on an R3 or if they didn't retire the M11x. I went from the original Alienware laptop from 2003 to the M11xR1 to a M15x back to the M11xR2 then up to a M18xR1 with an M11xR3 as my portable. And I must say the M11xR3 was by far my fav. It's an awesome system but it just needs a little more juice.
  7. Have you updated to the a09 bios? If you had the i3 in it I'm betting your bios was really old and didn't support the XM CPU. Give that a try.
  8. I cant get my head wrapped around windows 8. I swear I think my alienware is a tablet. After upgrading to windows 8 I think windows 7 was so much better. Hell I think MAC OSX is better then the new Win8. Im sure glad I use both platforms.
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