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  1. I see the latest web drivers for 10.10.4 have been released. Anyone tried yet ? Quite a few improvements under the hood before 10.11 so eager to update. Im in holiday until the 10th so can't try yet; damn holidays lol
  2. I feel that, myself I'd rather take the FPS drop that install windows on my mac. Also I only game casually so that helps.
  3. @Morv It confirms than game optimisation is way better in windows than OS X. My experience with Elite is that when it got released I got between 20-30 FPS then after a few patches it got up round 25-45 fps so there is a lot to do with the developer too. Many of them do a simple port using tools like unity or similar so the optimisation is never very good. Also to note than in my case; using TB1 I have a huge bottleneck. The other thing is the lack of proper great 3d API for mac like directX for windows; OS X is still using OpenGL mainly which was never made for mac either as far as I know. With the release of Metal in El Capitan we might see this change for the better but right now if you want best performances either the developer need to do better mac versions or stick to windows. Still 40fps is quite good I think; at least for me.
  4. Yes in elite dangerous you can choose the gpu. I have not tried with any other game yet. Been working every day for the past month.
  5. @goalque I think you might have found some gold here. I just tried the following and still don't really know what to make of it but I have the largest smile stuck on my face: -Begin to Mirror displays > set optimise for the external display -Launch the game (fullscreen mode) Turns out I have the External GPU piping back onto the internal screen !!! This is confirmed by three things: 970 recognised in the game (elite dangerous) Stats showing the 970 loaded; 650 is inactive Macbook is cold; absolutely no fan AT ALL, never seen that; better than regular gaming on external monitor. Only thing is the fps count is dramatically decreased (from 45 to 20) BUT IT DOES NOT FEEL LIKE IT. In fact there is no lag whatsoever and I would even say it feels better so I thing there is a bug in the FPS count.. Cannot triple check for now; I would have to play a lot more. Also some graphical bugs seem to have disappeared... If that method works with dummy plug then this is gaming EGPU perf on the go ! Better than optimus or me=disillusioned ?
  6. Could be the clocking. I run an evga 970 4gb so not overclocked i think. I suspect more TB but no way to monitor the bus load under osx.
  7. Got 1648. Still a loss comparatively to yours even :/ You have an I5 so the only thing I can see is either TB2 or Driver optimisation.
  8. Sorry I confused heaven with valley. I'll try to benchmark valley myself and compare.
  9. Looking at your heaven benchmark results I realised that I have a lot less. around 1200 each time on extreme. Your test shows 1819 so that is a big difference. Do you think it is all down to TB2 vs TB1 ?
  10. @gianni Please let us know your new heaven benchmark result (extreme setting) on the external display. I got 1213 on TB1 so Im curious of your result.
  11. @MVC @Morv looks like 2014 macs run cooler than my 2012 macbook. Looks like Im running 10-15° hotter in general (turbo boost disabled). Booked an apple store appointment to check inside (and finally take care of my dead pixel)
  12. What RPM are your fans running at under full load?
  13. HAHA there is an APP for disabling turbo boost !!!!! SILENCE IS MINE Turbo Boost Switcher for OS X | rugarciap.com Enjoy ! Testing now Edit: It improved greatly: 1000rpm less (around 3500rpm now) so fan noise is bearable now. CPU 81º. Now I can also adjust the fan speed manually with Istats so will continue to test this. Still 20% load on the cpu during gaming.
  14. Thanks a million for that ! I did not think of turbo boost After putting it in google it seems that this would solve my fan issues like they say here Disabling turbo boost tutorial HERE (Im on it )
  15. Im afraid Im useless at windows. My setup is in mac OS X. Pleach check those threads instead: If you have a macbook If you have a PC For EGPU Setup software
  16. Just Ebay. Look for Original thunderbolt cable. Bought mine for £20 here
  17. I would agree on that I see on your graph that you lost about 20% performance on your windows EGPU comparatively to your desktop build. I would estimate my loss between 30% and 40% but I would need to put my card back into the desktop to benchmark first. OS X is definitely less optimised. Would be useful to get many heaven benchmarks from different OS X configs to get a base for comparing. Comparing in one game is not very accurate too. My biggest question right now is why I don't get a 100% load on the eGPU Setting the Fans 100% ON is counter productive for me as I am trying to get less noise. Yes I wish I could down clock too, I7 is actually way too much for gaming lol. Istats show about 20% of use during gaming. That's also the reason why I don't get why it heats up so much with 20%.. Yes, internal 650 shows 43ºc, EGPU has fans off before I start the game so yes too. CPU idle is 48ºc
  18. Yes Im comparing to my desktop PC (that I want to sell so bad, Im itching every minutes). No hackintosh here.
  19. I'm quite sure that is fine but I thought I might ask anyway. Thinking of buying a 2m thunderbolt cable. The original ones (TB1) are much cheaper. Since I have 2012 TB1 macbook is it ok to buy the old TB1 cable version ?
  20. Im easy on that. I can see the benefits of both in the same thread too but feel free to add it to the title if you think thats better. On windows on my mac, sorry but that's not going to happen, I'm allergic to windows (even if I must admit win 10 is looking good) and will not install it on my macbook
  21. Im trying to start a thread where we can organise comments specifically about gaming performances with our EGPU rather than have all that scattered around the forum Comparing to to my desktop PC build (I5, 8go ram and gtx970) the EGPU system is definitely slower on Elite dangerous and also on other games that I can't include right now because I have not played them on this build so far. Two main comments: - FPS is around 30-45 FPS in Elite Dangerous (almost max settings) but many times dropping around 20 so It can be a drag sometime because I had full 60 FPS on the PC build; that is quite a loss but still playable. Curiously, lowering graphic settings do not give much gain (about 10FPS more) The MAC version of the game is still recent so I expect some software tweaks but still wondering where does the problem comes from. Maybe a TB1 bottle neck? Looking at ISTATS I can see that the GTX gets used at 70%max of its capacity; is this normal ? Could someone with OS X and GTX970 comment on that ? - Macbook FAN Behaviour: looking at Istats, my CPU appears o be used at about 10-20% so not much but still showing above 80 degrees so the fans are kicking quite a lot (5000RPM). Any comment on that would be much appreciated too. I have ordered a laptop cooler to see I that helps. - Another FAN issue while this one inaudible is the GTX 970 that appears to have one of its fan only running after gaming sessions. Reboot fixes the problem and the fans are off when not playing. Anyone having this issue? I Scored 1213 on Heaven Benchmark on extreme settings, is this a normal score ? My build is : Thunderbolt 1 Webdrivers: 346.01.02f03 EVGA GTX 970 4go Mid 2012 Macbook pro retina I7 2.6 Ghz Akitio + GTX 970 OSX 10.10.3
  22. Thanks for that but i forgot to mention im on OSX I have Istats but it does not have a sensor for thunderbolt as far as I can see
  23. I was looking for a way to monitor the bandwidth of my thunderbolt bus to find out if I get bottleneck effects in some games. Anyone aware of a program to do this ?
  24. @MVC Just wanted to say thanks for you hard work on this. Also crossing fingers for the next gen of MacBooks and particularly OS X 10.11
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