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  1. Here 3DMark results. Next week probably i recive new SSD and i will try to install windows 8.1. bye
  2. For now I am on windows 7 64 ultimte. The bios isn't the unlocked version by Sve, is the original beta version from MSI. I don't have 3dmark but i can install it try a run for you....i hope to post result soon!!!
  3. Hello samXLR, I confirm that my notebook is 1762 barebone, I bought it from DevilTech. The original version of the bios was E1762IG6.30J. I flashed .51X without problem and all works great.
  4. funkyboy

    Update Cpu Gpu GT683

    If you need it I have a heatsink for GTX675M or you can buy it here.
  5. Unfortunately, I think that is not a problem of temperature. I also had the same card with the same problems BSOD just was using a 3D application. I tried to fix it in every way (temperature, driver, SO) and I finally realized that this card is unfortunately plagued with this problem and there are solutions if not replace it. An old owner of GTX675M!
  6. I don't know if supports 980m but it's sure that 870m works well. Finally I got the heat sink and I assembled everything, was sufficient to install the latest drivers available and the card works wonders!! Compared to the old 675m temperatures are 10-12 ° C lower .... awesome!! Bye Fabio
  7. The bios that i talk about is an original msi bios Inviato dal mio HTC One utilizzando Tapatalk
  8. I'm no expert but when it comes to overclocking there are no rules perfect. Video cards will not behave in the same way, so it is possible that your card is less fortunate than others. Be careful not to raise too much voltage and keep under control the temperature. now I leave the technical advice to most experts bye Fabio
  9. I'm still waiting for the card ..... About the bios you must install E1762IMS.51X, should be compatible with all kepler cards. It is then necessary to change the heat sink as explained in the second post. As soon as I get the card I hope to update you with good news.
  10. I saw your post on 5482741's thread ... and then I convinced myself to buy it I too The card was sent to me yesterday .. when I have news I let you know !! Bye
  11. Thanks for the valuable advice iTzZent. The card should get me soon....i bought it on NBR. I take this opportunity to ask you another tip .... I'm ordering the thermal pads and do not know what sort thickness. Thank you Fabio
  12. Hello everyone, i've a MSI barebone equipped with 1762 mainboard and the unlucky GTX 675m. I've installed this MSI bios E1762IMS.51X After the "death" of my vga i have to upgrade it. I've find an MSI vesion of the GX 870M and i've to know if it is compatible. Thank you guru.... Fabio
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