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  1. For example : Ultimate Textures 2.0 RealizmIV 6.2 VisualIV 1.7.6
  2. I totally agree with user "Khazul" but if you experience low fps in some games, it could be caused by old graphics card drivers, also. I have experienced it in Far Cry 4. With previous version of graphics drivers I reached about 10-13 fps on Nvidia 660m and, when i had thought that I could only uninstall that game, I updated the drivers and my fps's jumped to the level about 25-30 . It's a great improvement without changing hardware!
  3. I would suggest Far Cry 3. It have got beautiful open world and it is more realistic than Skyrim. I'm not trying to offend Skyrim players, (if someone feel offended, im sorry for that ), but it's my personal opinion.
  4. Personaly, I agree with "Justgimmiefiles" It's awesome game! In my opinion the first part of that game was better (not in terms of graphics, but gameplay). I really liked that you could choose style of fighting, and you had to keep timings otherwise you gained damage,too. The second part was better( in terms of graphics) but was a lot easier. You had to smash mouse only, unfortunately, it steal a lot of fun.
  5. Yeah, and even then a lot of computers will support DDR3 only. On the other hand it's quite interesting, look at the graphic card, they have got DDR5 already, what is the problem with transferring it to mainboard? Who knows
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