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  1. You didn't mention GTA... You either absolutely love it or despise it. If you've never played it, it's the type of game that you play to roam and pass time. You don't really accomplish much at all, other than buying that Bugatti and picking up some ladies
  2. I'm listening to a throwback playlist on Google Play All Access. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) - Journey Amazing song <3 Definitely a classic I'll never get sick of
  3. CARMAGEDDON! And the IronMan mod is pretty sick And the zombie mod All 3 together is like Saints Row IV mixed with Red Dead Redemptions Undead Nightmare.. with flying exploding cars
  4. Madden has never been on my favorites list of video games, though I agree it is fun to mess around with sometimes. PCs don't support EA games such as Madden due to licensing. EA likes to keep most titles exclusive to consoles. But what do I know, only Madden game I own is Madden 06 for the Gamecube
  5. The reason why PC isn't favored by most is because consoles provide the same hardware (with the exception of some hard drive sizes) So that developers can make the games without hassle. PCs unfortunately have such a wide variety of processors and graphics cards that it's insanely hard to make games that will run for the majority of the gaming PCs out there, while avoiding thousands of errors.
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