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  1. I bought the super cache 2 64gig m2 mini card mydigitalssd.. i haven't even put it in yet! haha i Have the y410p .. with a 840 EVO SSD 250gig.. seems very fast so far.. but still having major heat problems in general with this laptop.. need a good laptop cooler i guess..
  2. Do you think those programs can control the fan of a Nvidia mobile 755m card on a lenovo laptop?
  3. I have the Nvidia 755m.. Is there a way to control fan speed on the card? i have a lenovo laptop.. haven't seen any fan control on the nvidia mobile cards.. been trying nvidia inspector but i only see clock speed and voltage..
  4. I also just started using Nvidia Inspector.. Do you mess with the memory clock settings at all? i have the 755m.. just starting to test it.. I'm really limited because of the heat... so i'm going to be undervolting and limiting the card.. lame..
  5. Hey guys.. i literally registered just to tell you this because i just downloaded this for my stupid restricted lenovo.. i'm trying to undervolt with INtel XTU and etc.. but still temps are too high.. could be my thermal pasting.. maybe its crap.. i didn't repaste it yet.. and i really don't feel like it.. but anyway the point of this post is that you can have the fan run 24-7.. its the most annoying hack in the world to do.. but it works.. i've already done it.. but it was quite a pain to put back to normal.. thanks for the guy who made this ideafan.. and you got close.. real close.. sometimes it restarts my fans real quick.. but i seem to still get about 1 second in between sometimes.. so its not a good solution for me.. for others maybe. but not me so far.. now ON to the point of this posting.. maybe you've already heard of this but if not.. here goes.. I can take pictures if you really need them but you shoudn't as long as your not color blind! ********DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU DON'T HAVE TONS OF PATIENCE BECAUSE ONCE YOU DO IT, IT'S EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO GO BACK TO YOUR FAN BEING NORMAL.. BUT IT IS POSSIBLE.. I'VE DONE IT.. open your stupid restricted laptop.. find your Fan that is connected to the motherboard.. you will see a very small color-coded set of wires.. coming out of your FAN... follow that and unplug the part that has the white plastic end that you can plug in and out.. I think it's on your motherboard (i'm writing this just trying to remember the time i did it..) **you actually might not have to unplug the cable at all.. but it might make it easier.. ok FIND THE BROWN COLORED WIRE.. you will slightly try to pull out the brown colored wire from the set of wires.. DO NOT BREAK IT.. DO NOT FORCE PULL IT.. you may have to get tweesers or something to help you pull out the brown wire.. ***IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND OR FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE STOP.. AND ASK QUESTIONS HERE AGAIN.. after you successfully slightly pull out the brown wire from the white plasic cap, (its extremely tiny) your fan should run at constant speed 24-7 when you turn on your laptop.. (performed on a lenovo y410p) some of you may have seen this posted on the internet awhile ago.. i'm not sure if it's still there.. Until IDeaFan can keep the fan moving 24-7 on users control... pull out the brown wire carefully and to put your fans back to normal you have to (extremely difficult) put the brown wire back in the tiny tiny white plastic cap..
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