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  1. my keyboard brightness controls or brightess in general isn't working with new nvidia drivers - the games run FINE the 'default' windows 10 nvidia driver 388.13 the brightness controls are reversed but work FINE but i want to get the NEW nvidia drivers to work with brightness...any tips? m18xr2 windows 10 531.79 is the version I tried - they work fine other than no brightness control EDIT: 512.95 is working for me
  2. my inspector "est. max" stays greyed out with newer drivers...im not sure why but they also do not work without throttling out of the box, unlike 353.00 which works without any additional throttling fixes...to be fair when the est.max is greyed out on the 353.00 i also get throttling....maybe hardware issue idk..tried different vbios and a ton of different drivers ..980m R2
  3. anyone throttling on these? i don't mind trying but i throttle on everything above 353.00 so im not exactly optimistic also ive asked this before but does anyone have inspector issue after a crash where the "est. max" field is greyed out? drives me insane because the gpu won't work right when that happens, only happens with certain games like fallout4 and witcher3
  4. my card gets stuck at 135mhz on a daily basis, i either click "defaults" in inspector or restart pc im sure its just a software issue id highy recommend reflashing prema v2 and putting on 353.xx for starters
  5. ^ this is the result i get when i use anything newer than 353.00...it goes from 300 to 400 to 500 to 1000 ..its a throttling mess have you tried the 353.00 yet?
  6. witcher 3 crashed and now my "est. max" field in Inspector is greyed out and card is constantly throttling...reinstalling driver didn't fix...confused in inspector now besides the est max field being greyed out under P1 options it says "unlock min/max" where before it never asked that, and if you exit and restart inspector it still asks if you want to unlock...something went wrong but i dont understand what it feels like the card is just stuck in P1 edit: it fixed itself after i swapped to a diff ac adapter but after 2 hours of witcher3 it crashed again and now same problem....not sure whats the deal here but down-clocking the core keeps it from crashing edit2: problem is back..i think my 980m is dying tried 3 diff working drivers edit3: got it to work again, but wanted to say every driver past 353.00 severe throttling for me, including the new 364.96...idk how other people aren't getting throttled on them
  7. went back to 353.xx no throttling but GPU core clock gets stuck at either 140mhz or 400mhz until restart
  8. win 8.1 Pro, m18xr2, 364.72, 980m - throttling, 364.51 was throttling too..using prema v2 vbios im P1/P2 clock matching like i've been since 353.xx throttling with and without OC, i think i played through fallout 4 with 364.51 and the throttling was minimal compared to this EDIT: went back to 353.xx with #11 profiles and no more throttling....
  9. im using when i move the voltage slider up or down and click apply it just goes back to default
  10. 364.51 i can't mod voltage in Inspector....using prema 2.0 m18xr2....am i doing something wrong?
  11. @J95 haha you're right i had prema 1.1 flashed instead of 2.0.....feel dumb thanks
  12. trying to install 364.47 with Prema Vbios m18xr2 980m - failed to install, signature enforcement disabled....not sure what the problem is , tried 3x edit: installed the 353.06 drivers ive been using before..installed without issue
  13. m18xR2 980m win 8.1- do I have to update my vbios to install the 364.57 driver? currently using J95 353.00 with updated profiles p.s.: didn't see the @prema .rar password listed on TF or Prema's site
  14. tried 3 diff driver versions with the modded inf's ..fail to install m18xr2 A10 unlocked bios, slv7 unlocked vbios EDIT: driver signature had to be disabled, solved
  15. they throttle, as far as i know the throttling has not been completely fixed even with modded drivers
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