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  1. I think the card is broken i have hard shutdowns as well with my gtx 980m also tryed it at 2 other systems (m15x and m18x) but all the same .......R56 gets really hot on the Graphics card and than shuts down..........seems like a defect to me.
  2. shame this does nothing for my problem.....but thanks antways.
  3. I have the same problem does anyone figured this out?
  4. ok found out that connecting a hdmi external monitor also worked, you still have to deactivate legacy rom.......restart and than it works.
  5. i have the Can't mxm gop driver problem, is there a way to make this go away on a gtx 580m (m17x R4) system ?? please help me i want to upgrade to a gtx 980m but i can't swith the legacy rom.
  6. I did the same a year back and it still works i have temps of 44 Celsius 25x25x25x25 mine would not clock further. check my hybride cooling (thats what you do as well.)
  7. should it not give a flashcode than?......
  8. depending did you pull the middel pin?........but otherwise non dell adapter or something.
  9. if clock stays about 300/450 than it proberbly stealth mode..........i would not go for a 7970m better get a 970 gtx unless the 7970m is really cheap.
  10. yes it will.....but beware of heat.
  11. he doesnt have too hack the treats because he's got my screws in there now they are very good so no problem there...
  12. never had a problem with alienware before and they even helped me wen i was out of warrenty (after bios update gone wrong), i guess there are a few faults every where this doesnt mean there bad.....youre just unlucky. i can tell horror story about so many other company's.
  13. to be honest i never had any problems on my alienwares and i can tell you i did some wierd things to them, only ADM cards seem too have memory problems (overheating)....i did watercooling and lots more.....in the link something about stealth mode. HOW TO DISABLE STEALTH MODE IN M15X ??? - Alienware Forum - Alienware Club - Dell Community Gr Mike
  14. do you know about stealth mode??? try that i think thats the problem.
  15. repaste and clean the fan/exchanger would be more needed i geuss.
  16. in order to work well you need too take it out, also could be that youre CPU is bottle necking the system.......with the gtx970m and the 920xm mine does as well overclocking save's the day for me. besides that a SSD works better.
  17. where do you live and send me a pm with youre adres ok
  18. a little like a grain of rice and the pressure Always made it a good clean covering. i use some screws i bought in China http://forum.techinferno.com/alienware/8925-x-bracket-screws.html you might wanna look at them.
  19. the pads should be oke i think because i use the same..... are you using the Original screws? than the you need to adjust the hight on the x clamp or get other srews like i did.
  20. mike2668

    6970m Compatible

    if i remember correct svl7 had a post made for that http://forum.techinferno.com/alienware-m15x/390-%5Bguide%5D-m15x-amd-6970m-6990m-everything-you-need-know.html
  21. Get watercooling .........or extreem aircooling the rest will all produce more heat even if you lower voltage a little and overclocking it temps will rise. go for lower setting so that FPS is higher, but thats my vision offcourse i run hybride cooling on a gtx970 and play cod adv on high but i also set stuff down a little. temps go up a little because of good cooling. i also have a 7970m but temps go up fast unless i get settings down (not hybride cooled) the mem goes up and they are higher because off bad memorycooling on the M15x i know some may not agree but the main problem on the ati/amd cards is the memory they get way too hot and kill most cards. on my gtx970m the memory gets hotter than the GPU. just an example running alien vs predator benchmark.
  22. One could also do a extreem mod like this.....
  23. get a intel i7 920/940xm, ati 7970m or gtx 970m and a SSD and youre set. I have them both and they work like a charm......AMD and GTX that is.
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