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  1. My current Adapter: v8.0 exp gdc laptop its a $30 dollar adapter, if you could make an affordable version it will be nice, because $200 for me feels more like getting a new GPU, than the 15% percent performance increase.
  2. So in helping someone else with his setup, before his adapter arrived I started to test with my own setup on his laptop to figure out how to make it work. I got everything working with my setup: Pe4c 3.0 mpcie egpu adapter 500w psu Gtx 970 When his gpu arrived it worked fine just needed to enable hot plug in bios. A Gtx 1050. Then his pe4c 3.0 mpcie came and I tried it once on my own laptop all OK. So the next day we to everything together and it started to give us the error 43, after trying every component the one that was failing was his pe4c 3.0 adapter on mine it worked OK. Finally I tried his adapter with my laptop and it wasnt even detected(even though it used to), just worked his laptop but with error 43. I've tried so far: Different drivers. Clean windows reinstall. Different psu. Different gpu. Hot plugging but laptop gets really laggy, unstable(somehow it worked twice but after gaming a couple minutes a blue screen an rebooted itself). Trying different angles for the cable to sit(I thought that maybe the cable was broken but none of this positions seemed to help). Any suggestions are welcome.
  3. Has anyone tried this overclock hack https://tapatalk.com/m/index.php?openinapp=tapatalk%3A%2F%2Fwww.techinferno.com%3Fchannel%3Dshare_link_topic%26type%3Dip40_1.2.7%26location%3Dtopic%26fid%3D33421%26tid%3D9636%26page%3D1%26perpage%3D1&raw_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.techinferno.com%2Findex.php%3F%2Ftopic%2F9636-%5BTUTORIAL%5D-%5B4GHz%2B%5D-Overclock-i7-4XXXm%28q%2Fh%29-to-i7-extreme-conversion-Intel-Haswell-CPU-Microcode-bug-hack for haswell cpu's on y510p?
  4. I'm interested. I have egpu setup with gtx 970 but when I'm using the internal screen my frames are limited to 48fps, my question can I use it with internal screen too? maybe you can try with gtx 970 just to be sure.
  5. 1. No, it's unlimited. Just on internal has the limit. 2. after I closed the game.
  6. I've just try to upgrade to Windows 10, and problem still persist. So I'm out ways to fix it, any help would be great.
  7. Here is my result of 3dmark Fire Strike benchmark.
  8. Yeah optimus but not reaching more than 48fps
  9. My laptop screen has a 60hz refresh rate, and vsync won't help at all. PD. I think it has to be something with my gpu, gtx 970.
  10. Hi everyone, I've made this post to gather as much information of the problem I'm facing with my Gtx 970 egpu setup, so if anyone is suffering something similar it would be really helpful if you could share your setup too. My Lenovo y510p Setup: Cpu: intel i7-4700MQ 8gb of ram Windows 8.1 Bplus PE4C v3.0 adapter mPCIe Gpu: MSI Gtx 970 (4gd5 oc) Evga 500 power supply My setup is working find without errors but whats bothering me is that when I'm using Internal Screen to play my fps won't go beyond 48-49fps no matter how old the game is DX9, DX10-11. I've tried to lower graphic settings, resolution, disable full-screen on all the games and but still stuck at 48fps. I know I should get lower performance because of internal screen but fps shouldn't be limited to 48? What I've tried but non helped : Installing different drivers. Overcloking gpu. Changing nvidia global settings, like vsync, etc.. Share Your experience if you have similar behavior on your egpu. Edit. Found Someone http://www.owen-lu.com/egpu/ with same behavior with gtx970 but using ExpressCard connection.
  11. guys anyone can answer me plese i've been waiting for more than 4 months now Hey I have a y510p but I use pe4c v3.0 adapter. What you need to change is configuration tab, change graphic device to UMA only. One thing I'll tell you is that I'm not satisfied with performance as I have a gtx970 and internal laptop screen and can't go beyond 48-49fps no matter what graphic settings I have on games, also I have more fps drop than without Egpu. So would only recommend doing this if you're gonna be using external screen mostly as fps aren't limited.
  12. Hey, I can you please share a 3dmark fireStrike benchmark but using internal screen? Because I'm having trouble of fps not going beyond 48-49fps but I don't know if it's just my setup or not. PD. Link to some others benchmarks and mine it's at the end. https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/8059-14-lenovo-y410p-ideapad-gtx9704gbpsc-mpcie2-pe4c-21-win81/&page=2
  13. Yeah something is limiting my fps and performance in general but can't find what. I use my laptop without battery with egpu(to preserve health) but when I use with or without, I don't see a difference in performance. I've heard that when charging and doing a intensive task on laptop the battery will be charging slower but haven't really test it myself.
  14. Please can someone confirm that your fps aren't limited on internal screen? So I know if I'm not the only one with this problem. PD. Specs: y510p i7 and gtx 970.
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