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  1. Hi Klem, I got Thinkpad X1 Tablet gen1 and here is my bios dump, could you help me modified the bios to show advanced options https://drive.google.com/file/d/1su8EjkONlYoRdq_Ym787kZpWujXI4Bwt/view?usp=sharing thanks very much, if you dont have time, pls give me some hints for how unlock these options. thanks again
  2. Even you put the Clevo GTX980 to the 770/775/750-DM and running well without addtional powersupply, you will be confused one BIG problem, CPU core currunt will be limitted to 60A when play any games and the most wired thing is when running AIDA64_FPU and Furmark sametime, everything is fine, for now the only solution is force the 980 TDP beleow 120w
    The newest version can Break P770DMG, please careful.
  3. As i remenber,the 980m can not be supported by R3, but 880m can,its hardware limit not by OS, if you have to use these cards maybe you upgrade ur motherbord to R4.
  4. hi svl7,i have used the a11 unlocked bios,but i find one problem,no matter i use stock bios or unlocked bios never can change the cpu TDP(long/short),pls help me
  5. yesterday night,I flash the VBIOS in my M17x R4 when it finished,i restart the computer but just give me the black screen when it start keyboard lights still work please help me and sorry for my bad English ps:very hope this topic will pass
  6. hi,klem i want to know if i can use this VBIOS,my card is clevo GTX 870m 6G
  7. help help !change VBIOS with KBT,then can't start up just black screen
  8. hi,i have my gtx870m in 17r4,i want oc to 1.1ghz,so i use the tool named KeplerBiosTweaker but i find change TDP not work,pls help me,and thanks first
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