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  1. I just plug(HDMI) it to TV when watching 1080p movie.
  2. nevermind. problem still persist after password was removed. solved by replacing wifi card.
  3. could I power up GTX 750 Ti OC with this? the size(Jack) is rite but unsure 'bout compatibility. planing to get PE4C V2.1.
  4. loki

    EGPU lenovo y510p

    good to know. btw, is the FFC cables fragile? it looked like it. assuming ya bought PE4C-PM3E V1.2.
  5. does anyone have the same problem as I did? Bluetooth[default wifi card] is sometime undetected in windows when boot password in bios is enabled.
  6. loki

    EGPU lenovo y510p

    ya didn't mention external monitor. 'm guessin' yar usin' internal LCD. didjya use some software or bios automatically selected internal LCD?
  7. loki

    EGPU lenovo y510p

    USB wifi adapter.
  8. loki

    EGPU lenovo y510p

    but it got no optimus. so I should only disable gt750m in device manager on windows, rite? not dGPU in bios. p/s: planning to do eGPU 'round next year since OC-ed gt750m still could run all of my current games.
  9. loki

    EGPU lenovo y510p

    wonder if it will work on my y400....
  10. :Banane47:only 'bout 15% performance drop(compared to external display) when using internal display. now 'm thinkin' 'bout doing egpu on my y400.
  11. loki

    EGPU lenovo y510p

    will it work with y400?
  12. ya always carry a surge protector 'round?'coz I don't.
  13. but ya'll be @ risk of damaged mobo when a spike/drop(electric) occur.
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