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  1. New here. I'm an old gamer from the 90s and had a lot of old games and no way to play them on new os like Win7,8,8.1. You are probably somewhat in the same boat. I took an older dual core HP desktop and after a lot of searching and tinkering, ( 3-4 months ) I set it up to run Win 98SE. Now I run old games like Jane's USAF, older MechWarrior 2,3,4, Nascar racing, etc. From what I see online now, Madden is made for everything except for a pc. If you could find a cheapo-free to a good home- computer that runs Win 98 thru Win XP, you could find all the old Madden pc games that people let go for cheap. One thing to keep in mind is that these old Operating systems are wide open for all kind of online baddies like virus's, etc. I used my Win 8.1 laptop to hunt for drivers to old equipment, reset the compatibility in properties and put them on disks for loading on the old pc. some old games can be legally downloaded on sites online. Not sure about Madden it is still pretty recent but can be bought cheap online.
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