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  1. kmkz

    hd 7970m for my p150hm

    So ive come back to restart tackling this job. I can still boot up into windows with my 6990/70m, but the screen doesnt show, if i was to blind flash the mobo with a p170hm (it is a p150hm with lastest bios for that build), would that possibly fix when i try to slot in the 7970m?
  2. kmkz

    hd 7970m for my p150hm

    no access there to any other laptops =[ Im thinking of doing a cmos reset with the new card in it, might that help? also could it be that the bios check isnt matching with the atiflash command, so that its not actually executing the command and possibly coming up with a 'could not flash' message?
  3. kmkz

    hd 7970m for my p150hm

    amd Wimbledon v1.2 2g* vbios card
  4. hey there, i current have a hd7970m from a metaboxp170em by clevo and im trying to do a blind flash for the vbios. Clearly im starting off with a black screen, ive done the usb format fat32, with the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool 2.2.3, got the dos system files from NBR (notebook reviews guide), and copied over the atiflash 3.95 exe onto the usb with the 7970m.rom file and i have a bat file (k.bat) which runs the command "C:\atiflash.exe -p 0 -fs -fp -reboot 7970M.rom". The issue im having is that when i start my laptop off, ive set the boot menu to usb priority, i enalbed the beep so i know when to type the k.bat command in the command line (which ive already seen) the light goes off from my usb to show me its running, then nothing happens even after waiting 20+ minutes. the only thing i havent done is run the command on my 6970m to see if the bat file works. [GUIDE] - Blind-Flashing AMD 7970M modded vBIOS for Clevo P1xxHM Laptops - Page 43
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