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  1. hi guys! I need help with my egpu. My gtx 970 with the akitio 2 works fine on my mac mini on os x 10.10.1. mow I tried it on my Macbook pro mid 2012 15" with the same os and it doesn't work. The gpu isn' recognized, System information I get NVIDIA Chip Model instead gtx 970. The drivers are the same as on my mac mini.
  2. Yes I have last drivers. Kernel panic happened before the burn smell. I tested the card on a PC and it works fine.
  3. I'll order a new PCIe riser and try that paperclip trick. About the paperclip trick, I just need to bridge the two pins shown on the picture whith a paperclip and that's it, right? What do you need the ATX PSU adapter for?
  4. I just tested the GPU on my friend's PC and it works. What's with that paperclip trick, should I try that?
  5. So, should I remove the akotio PSU? If I do so the akitio won't get any power.
  6. I have the akitio thunder 2 and the gtx 970. It worked partly with my mac mini 2011 on os x 10.10.1. I used a powered pci riser and the power supply of the akitio (it wasn't working without the akitio psu). My psu for the gpu is a fortron 650 w. I use this setup for video editing but not without problems. I kept geting kernel panic when rendering video causing my computer to reboot. And now it seems that the gpu has died. My computer rebooted and i smelled somthing burned in the eGPU. After that the gpu couldn't start. What did i do wrong?
  7. hy guys, my eGPU is the akitio thunder 2 with a pci raiser and the gtx 970. my power supply is the FSP raider 550W which is connected to the GPU and to the PCI raiser. the akitio is powered by ist own power supply. my computer is a mac mini mid 2011, i5, 16GB ram running os x 10.10.1 the eGPU works, but it crashes when i start rendering in premiere pro cs6 and restarts the computer. i have the latest web driver and cuda driver installed. please help!
  8. What is that PCIe riser you write about? Do I need one to connect the gtx970 to the akitio thunder 2 and mac mini?
  9. RE: http://forum.techinferno.com/implementation-guides/8059-%5Bguide%5D-2013-15-macbook-pro-gt750m-gtx780ti%4016gbps-tb2-sonnet-ee-iii-d-osx10-10-a.html hi, i have a mac mini mid 2011 os x 10.10., akitio thunder 2 and the gigabyte gtx 970. i tried everything to make it work but it just doesn't. after following all the steps (installing drivers, modifying kexts,....), when i plug the egpu in via thunderbolt the only thing i get is the fans spining on the gpu. my computer regiters the akitio, i can see it under thunderbolt in "about this mac" but no graphis card. the graphics card is stil Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB. what did i do wrong?
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