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  1. Hey add me..i got a sager np8268-s i7 4810mq gtx 880m
  2. thank you for this vbios now i've successfully been able to undervolt my gtx 880m -25mv 993mhz. i've mentioned earlier that it gave me crashes..but the crashes were independent from voltage and i've tested these settings in firestrike and theyre rock solid. thank you for this bios once again.
  3. this is my machine : NP8268-S(clevo p150sm-a) - i7 4810MQ - 15.6" 1920 x 1080 - 8GB - 1TB HDD - GTX 880M with automatic cooling and stock bios my temp reaches 87C. it has an IC diamond paste courtesy of XOTICPC. After flashing bios the max undervolt i could get was -12.5mv with 993mhz clock. Then the temps hovered around 80C with max fan. I downclocked to stock clocks and the best undervolt i could get was -37.5mv with a core clock of 954mhz. and the temps still hover around 78-80c but , thats without max fan. if i enable max fans then, it stays around 75c - 77c with an ambient temp around i guess 23c. I'm from Fullerton, California btw. Undervolting any further from -37.5mv on stock clocks or -12.5mv on boost clocks cause driver crashes and that means its not stable. I think the card is amazing but, it is plagued with these issues. Do let me know your undervolted voltages on stock and boost. Thank you.
  4. found it. haha im ashamed..my bad
  5. An addition of coolermaster notepal u3 with a fan mod can increase the airflow for this mod hence, allowing more cooling.
  6. Clevo should release a 17 inch monster with quad gtx 970m sli..it would be like the best thing thats ever happened since man stepped on the moon
  7. Dragon age inquisition runs better with these drivers and, this is coming from a gtx 880m
  8. i heard the gtx 980m is good at gaming but, anything using CUDA or compute type of applications its bad. what do you think ?
  9. hey where can i find the bios mod for p150 sm-a ..since there's just p150sm. thank you.
  10. guys since gtx 880m runs crazy hot..can anyone tell me the best voltage to make it run cooler..i think the stock voltage is a bit exaggerated dont you think ? and i have a sager np8268-s ( clevo p150 sm-a ) with gtx 880m 8gb..so im good to flash this bios right ?
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